Natural Products Chemistry (Plants) Division

Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine has a state art of facility in the area of natural product chemistry with expertise in all the relevant fields needed for drug development especially drugs based on traditional systems of healthcare and validated as per modern systems. Prospecting the Natural Products of the Himalayan region including high altitude as well as other parts of the country is one of the broad objectives of the group. The division is actively engaged in exploration of natural products from both plants as well as microbial sources. Different research activities carried out at NPC division is summarized in figure 1 as a flow chart.

Figure 1: Different research activities pursued at Natural Product Chemistry division

Some of the representative examples of plant and microbes based secondary metabolites isolated at CSIR-IIIM Jammu are shown in Figure 2.

fig 1

fig 2

Figure 2. Representative secondary metabolites isolated from plants & microbes

Secondary metabolites isolated from plant and microbes were used as starting materials to produce other novel compounds (semisynthesis) with distinct chemical and medicinal properties. Further, Diversity Oriented Synthesis (DOS) of natural products were being carried out for the discovery of novel, biologically interesting small molecules. Some representative examples are shown in Figure 3.

fig 3

  • To become a Centre of Excellence in the Natural Product Chemistry
  • In accordance with the missions and goals of the Institute, the group strives to contribute towards its development and recognition as one of the premier national institutes in the area of natural products chemistry by Phytopharmaceutical and herbal drug development.
  • Collection of samples from varied ecological niches and other sources.
  • Development of SOPs and isolation of new bioactive molecules from different sources from plants, microbial strains and animals.
  • Diversifying microbial Natural Product strains and extract libraries, characterization of molecules from microbes and evaluation of their biological potency.
  • Isolation and structure elucidation of bioactive natural compounds from plants, marine sponges and microbes.  These studies have outcome both in the realm of botanical and phytopharmaceutical drugs and modern drug discovery.
  • Fine tuning of bioactivity of the molecules with better activity and less toxicity
  • Natural Products Division at CSIR-IIIM is mainly engaged in the discovery and development of botanicals and phytopharmaceuticals for the treatment of disease based on secondary metabolites from nature. The Division is engaged to find for Natural Product lead compounds for drug development, and to understand their mechanism of action with available modern and cutting-edge technology to realize our goal, and have unique expertise in the structure elucidation of complex natural products.
  • Development of Ayurveda based botanical drugs for the prophylaxis and management of the New Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19).
  • In collaboration with ICGEB and Sun Pharmaceuticals, a Cocculus hirsutus based phytopharmaceutical is being developed by CSIR-IIIM. Drug has shown anti-SARS-CoV-2 effects in-vitro studies conducted in collaboration with ICGEB and Sun Pharmaceuticals. Phase-II Clinical trials on AQCH extract is in progress.
  • The IND application of IIIM-160 (phytopharmaceutical lead) has been filed to DCGI to seek permission for conducting phase I clinical trial in rheumatoid arthritis patients.
  • Purified fraction of different medicinal plant (Cannabis, Epimedium, Piper beetle, Dysoxylum binectariferum, Crocus sativus) devloped for different therapeutic purposes for epilepsy, aphrodisiac, sickle cell anemia, rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease respectively (Phytopharmaceuticals Mission).
  • Development of Clinical therapeutics under Ayush mode.
  • The Division exercises multiple research projects that require identifying new lead molecules.
  • Collection of samples from diverse ecological niches with proper selection
  • Manipulating microbial physiology to activate microbial natural product machinery.
  • Genetically modifying strains for desired microbial Natural Products.
  • Monitoring diversity while reducing redundancy of microbial extracts.
  • Characterization of new molecules from microbes and evaluation of their biological potency.
  • Over the years of research and development, the Division explored huge culturable microbes and isolated many compounds, and found to be novel chemical entities. In addition to this, the Division is engaged in several Drug Discovery projects for CNS, Diabetes and viral infections, and the general idea for all of these is the use of natural substances to discover secondary metabolites that affect biological systems and can be utilized for new treatment.

Following are the instruments which are being used for various kind of analysis:

Dr. Debaraj Mukherjee
Principal Scientist


Dr. Payare Lal Sangwan
Principal Scientist

Dr. Prasoon Kumar Gupta
Principal Scientist


Dr Bhahwal A. Shah
Senior Scientist

Dr. Mahendra Kumar Verma
Technical Officer

  • Dengue Herbal Project (Advanced Phase, Sun Pharma Limited)
  • Novel Strategy to Generate Drug Like Marine Natural Product Library to Discover Bioactive Compounds (SERB)
  • Fermentation Based Process Development for Production of Tacrolimus Drug (ICMR)
  • Effect of Epigenetic Modifiers on Secondary Metabolite Production in Drug Producing Fungi (SERB)
  • CSIR-Phytopharmaceutical Mission (CSIR)
  • CSIR-Sickle Cell Anaemia Mission (CSIR)
  • CSIR-Aroma Mission (CSIR)
  • Phytopharmaceutical Development of Ficus semicordata -Ham. Ex Sm. as per regulatory guidelines of DCGI (under the phytopharmaceutical   Mission for North East Region (GAP 2180)
  • Discovery of target based novel bioactive natural products from high altitude plants Hippophae rhamnoids (Sebuckthorn) and Grewia asiatica (phalsa) for achieving the pharmacological and cosmetic effects against ultraviolet radiation induced skin damage (photo ageing/ carcinogenesis) (GAP-2167)
  • Development of Phytopharmaceutical product for bovine mastitis (GAP-2141)
  • Creation of national repository of pure natural products (MLP-4013)
  • Natural Product Chemistry and Pharmacology of Medicinal Plants (MLP-4012)

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Representative Publications for NPC-Microbes

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Patents for NPC-Plants

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Patents for NPC-Microbes

Inventors/ Contributors Title Description Year
Debaraj Mukherjee & Anindya Goswami Indolylkojyl derivatives as inhibitor of invasion and metastasis in human mammary gland carcinomas. US Patent PCT/IN2018/050060) 2018