» Facilitate “INVIVO and PATHOLOGICAL STUDIES” for Research & Development

» Mutagenicity/ Carcinogenicity study

» Rodent Carcinogenicity studies

» Trainings (3, 6,12 months)

» Adulteration Testing of Milk (Qualitative)

» Micro-processor controlled fermentation facility from lab scale to pilot scale (5-4KL capacity) with supporting down-stream processing facilities for bacterial, fungal and yeast based products.

» State-of–art equipment required for Microbiology, Enzymology and Bio-process development.

» Centrifuges ranging from laboratory to pilot scale.

» Developing extract from plant material.

» Contract/Loan license manufacturing.

»  Stability studies.

» Other technical services.


» Natural Products (Kit of 4 Markers) Available for Medicinal Plants.


» Availability of reference standard in pure form (>90%).

» Agro-produces at IIIM farms at Jammu/Srinagar .

» Plants available in plant gene banks at IIIM Srinagar Field stations.


» DNA Barcoding.

» Plant Identification and Certification.

» Supply of Planting Materials for Research.

» Crude drug identification and Certification. 

» Voucher maintenance for Herbarium samples at internationally recognized Janaki Ammal Herbarium (RRLH).


» Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) determination against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria.

» MIC determination against yeast and fungi.

» MIC determination against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

» In-vivo efficacy in systemic infection of model of S aureus  and MRSA in mice (ED50 determination).

» In-vivo efficacy in intranasal infection model of M tuberculosis in mice ( Log CFU estimation in lungs).

» In-vivo efficacy in aerosol chronic infection model of M tuberculosis in mice ( Log CFU estimation in lungs).



» Molecular characterization of microbes.

» Detection of following pathogens in Food and water.

» Pharmacokinetics study of new chemical entities/drugs (Non-GLP).

» Bioanalytical method development and validation study.

»  Pharmacodynamics study in mice/rat (Non-GLP).

» Toxicity study in mice and rat (Non-GLP).

» Genotoxicity study.

» Reproductive toxicity study.

» Prenatal Developmental study.

» Evaluation of haematological and biochemical parameters for any animal study.

» Safety pharmacology study in.

» Cardiovascular system (ECG, BP, Respiratory rate).

» Central nervous system (Hot plate method, spontaneous motor activity, convulsion activity, pentobarbitone induced sleeping time, effect on body temperature).

» Gastro-intestinal system (Charcoal meal test, bile secretion).

» Physicochemical parameters determination (Solubility, LogP, LogD, PKa).

» Preclinical formulation development for oral and intravenous administration.

» Cell based assays.

» PCR based assays.

» Cell based flocytometric assays.

» Autophagy detection assays.

» Electrophoretic assays.

» Enzyme based assays.

» In vivo anticancer assays.

» Fluorescence and Electron microscopic studies.

» ELISA based assays.

» MDR anticancer studies.

» Separation of compounds, Qualitative and quantitative analysis and Purity profile.

» Analysis of volatile and aromatic compounds.

» Characterisation of compounds.

» Optical studies.

» Freeze drying of aqueous extracts.

» Cryopreservation.