Business Overview

Over the years IIIM has developed strong R&D base in the areas of natural product chemistry, synthetic chemistry, fermentation technology, drug discovery and prospecting biodiversity (plant & microbial) for new molecules and bioactivity.

Lot of business opportunity exists for national and multinational companies to work with IIIM in the above areas, which are the areas of its strong expertise. The collaboration can be in the form of consultancy projects, collaborative projects or sponsored projects wherein the terms & conditions are mutually decided between the participating agencies and IIIM, Jammu. The detailed instrument of collaboration has to be signed on mutual agreement, which details the responsibility of the participating agencies, mode of payment, milestones of work and also intellectual property issues.

IIIM, Jammu has a state of the art Quality Control & Quality Assurance CMC Division in addition to general Instrumentation, which undertakes testing & quality control of plants, drugs, water, fertilizers, metal residues and pesticides

This institute also undertakes standardization and quality control of herbal drugs, drug formulations and biological activity determination against various diseases. There are very well established departments of enzymology and fermentation technology wherein enzyme chemistry, biotransformation studies and up-scaling of fermentation processes are done for in-house projects and external agencies under contracted projects.

The institute has a very well established and operational pilot scale multipurpose extraction plant while as a cGMP extraction & formulation unit are in the process of commissioning which shall be ready by the end of this year. These facilities are for internal R&D use and can also be used by external agencies under mutually agreed terms & conditions.

Those companies and organizations, who intend to have collaboration with IIIM for the first time, are requested to visit us. The scientists of the institute shall make detailed presentations to the visiting scientist to show the core competence, areas of work & strength of the institute and consequently mutually accepted areas of collaboration are identified. The work and responsibility of the both the parties are identified and after singing the agreement to this effect, the projects get started. However, absolute care is taken to maintain the secrecy of the project and documents exchanged.

Companies / organizations or institution, who know the core competence, facilities and expertise available in the institute and wish to collaborate with our institute for R&D and/or business may contact us through correspondence and also visit us. The scientists of the institute make the presentations on the specific project of interest to the visiting partner and evolve a business plan with agreed terms & conditions for collaboration. An agreement to this effect is signed and the project takes off.

In both the above cases a monitoring committee is identified that monitors the progress of the project and suggests the mid course corrections, if required. However, for correspondence with regard to the above, following contact points have been suggested

1. Dr. Zabeer Ahmed, Director, IIIM, Jammu
Ph: 0191-2584999, 2585222 ; Fax: 0191-2586333
2. Sh. Abdul Rahim, Head, RMBD&IST Division, IIIM, Jammu
Ph: 0191-2585019; Fax: 0191-2585019

Intellectual Property Rights

Each collaborating party shall have the absolute right on the intellectual property owned by it before entering into the collaboration. The share of the intellectual property developed during the project / collaboration shall be proportional to the quantity of the work done by collaborating partner. However, the issue of intellectual property is discussed on the case to case basis at the start of any project or during the course of project.


Costing of the project involve estimation of all the cost centres, payment to government such service tax etc. and the intellectual fee. However, Director, IIIM, Jammu is a final & competent authority to arrive at the final cost of the project.


The institute has so far collaborated with a number of national and international companies with high level of customer satisfaction. All the propriety disclosures are made under secrecy agreements/ confidential disclosure agreements. All the research scientists/fellows or projects staff have also to sign confidential agreements before they are inducted into such projects. During the tenure of the project and many years thereafter (to be mutually decided), both the parties undertake on their behalf and on behalf of the sub-contractors and employees to maintain strict confidentiality and prevent disclosure of the information and data generated or exchanged during the course of the project.

Other Contractual Issues

Other contractual issues such as responsibility of collaborative partner, responsibility of IIIMJ, financial issues, completion of projects, delivery of report, force majeure and amendments to the agreement are discussed and recorded at the time of signing the agreement.

Some of the major customers of the institute have been listed below:

Indian Companies
Nicholas Piramal Strategi
Medlay Pharma Seed Phytoceuticals
Lupin Pharma Uniloid Biosciences Pvt. Ltd.
Zandu Pharma High Biotech
Ochoa Pharma Dootpapeshwar
Pratistha Industries IMPCL
Bharat Biotech Sami Labs
Soubhagya Biotech Genova Biotech
Innoveda Shanta Biotech
Shankhu Baba International Several CROs


Foreign companies Hospitals (Collaborators)
Indigene (USA) Medanta Medicity, Gurgaon NCR
Colgate Palmolive (USA) Ramachandra Hospital, Chennai
Proctor & Gamble (USA)
Proctor & Gamble (Japan) Public Concerns
Tropical Botanics (Malaysia) J&K State Agriculture, Floriculture, Forestry Depts
Sigma (USA) Centre for Aromatic Plants, Uttrakhand
Chromadex (USA) Department of Forestry, Dasuya, Punjab
Novakos (USA) J&K State S&T Council
National Cancer Institute (USA)

The institute offers consultancy services in the following areas:

1. New Drug Discovery from synthetic natural products (new chemical entities as well as phyto-pharmaceuticals).
2. Natural products chemistry (isolation synthesis and medicinal chemistry)
3. Metabolic Engineering of Biosynthetic pathways in plants bacteria and fungi
4. Pharmacology of NCE and Phyto-pharmaceuticals
5. Bioprospecting of medicinal & aromatic plants and microbes