Research Collaborations

IIIM, Jammu lays considerable emphasis on meeting the targets as per the milestones identified in the project proposal. In most of the cases projects are completed as per decided dates. However, in some cases due to mid term correction and unforeseen results, the project may get extended with mutual consent. Because of high level commitment, there is high degree of customer satisfaction among our clients. It may be mentioned here that most of the multinational companies who associate/ collaborate with IIIM, Jammu express desire to sign for many more projects. Companies such as Procter & Gamble, US; Colgate Palmolive, US; Tropical Botanics, Malaysia; Nicholas Piramal, Mumbai, Prathista Industries, Secunderabad and many others are some of the examples, who have collaborated with IIIM for more than 2-3 projects. Following are some of the companies with which IIIM, Jammu had research collaborations in the past.

Indian Companies
Nicholas Piramal Strategi
Medlay Pharma Seed Phytoceuticals
Lupin Pharma Uniloid Biosciences Pvt. Ltd.
Zandu Pharma High Biotech
Ochoa Pharma Dootpapeshwar
Pratistha Industries IMPCL
Bharat Biotech Sami Labs
Soubhagya Biotech Genova Biotech
Innoveda Shanta Biotech
Shankhu Baba International Several CROs


Foreign companies Hospitals (Collaborators)
Indigene (USA) Medanta Medicity, Gurgaon NCR
Colgate Palmolive (USA) Ramachandra Hospital, Chennai
Proctor & Gamble (USA)
Proctor & Gamble (Japan) Public Concerns
Tropical Botanics (Malaysia) J&K State Agriculture, Floriculture, Forestry Depts
Sigma (USA) Centre for Aromatic Plants, Uttrakhand
Chromadex (USA) Department of Forestry, Dasuya, Punjab
Novakos (USA) J&K State S&T Council
National Cancer Institute (USA)
  • Bioprospecting natural products for bioactive molecules
  • Enzymology and biotransformation reactions
  • Fermentation technologies
  • Drug Discovery for therapeutic areas such as cancer, diabetes and inflammation
  • Systems biology
  • Plant & Microbial biotechnology
  • Oral Care & Body Care

» Technologies Transferred

  • Fermentation process for production of Gluconate salts was transferred to M/s Uniloids Biosciences Private Limited, Hyderabad.
  • End to end technology package of Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s Wort);
  • End to end technology package of Tinospora cordifolia.
  • Enrichment of Natural Calicitriol : A drug for skin diseases;
  • Pharmacological data of a herbal formulation as drug dietary / food supplement;
  • Herbal formulation (LIV-1)-a hepatoprotective drug both in tablet and syrup form;
  • Metal gluconates;
  • Bio fertilizers & Bio control agents Multipurpose herbal extraction pilot plant for Malaysia
  • Solvent Extraction plant for Herbs and Botanicals
  • Multi-functional pilot scale fermentor

» New Plant varieties developed

a) Cymbopogons :

  • KALAM: A New citral rich ( 78-83 %) variety for drought prone areas. Released by His Excellency Bharat Ratna Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam on 26th June, 2003. The variety is suitable for cultivation both under rainfed and irrigated conditions.
  • Tawi Rosa: A new geraniol rich variety of Cymbopogon released on 26th September, 2003. The main feature of this strain is that it can withstand moisture stress level of 15% and contains total alcohol in the range of 80-85%, calculated as geraniol 70-75% and geranyl acetate 10-15%. Apart from the main chemical constituents, it contains 3-5% ocimene which is used in high grade perfumery.
  • Jamrosa: C. khasianus and C. nardus var. confertiflorus x C. jawarancusa, both the varieties can be successfully cultivated in sub-tropical and tropical regions of India. The varieties yield up to 0.4% oil with 60-65% geraniol and 20-25% geranyl acetate.
  • Ocimums: Developed three varieties rich in eugenol, linalool and methyl cinnamate.
  • Mentha Longifolia- menthe longifolia cultivar developed, has about 0.5% oil containing about 65% carvone. This variety has been transferred to South India Mints and Aromatic Products, Trivulveli (T.N) where it is growing over an area of about 200 acres.

b) Hops:  Form an essential raw material for the manufacture of beer.

c) Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)- WSRAn improved strain WSR is developed and released for commercial cultivation by IIIM, Jammu. The dry biomass yield of this newly developed variety shows 200 % increase in yield over the conventionally grown varieties.

d) Dioscorea composite (S2-58)The strain developed by IIIM, Jammu grows vigorously and contain 3.6 % diosgenin.

e) Celery (RRL-85-1)IIIM has developed this variety of Apium graveolens. The herb essential oil contains phellandrene as principal constitutant and up to 30% Carvone, and is used as a flavouring agent.

                           LIST OF AGREEMENTS AND MOU’S/CDA’S SIGNED BY CSIR-IIIM April 2020 to till date    


S.No. Signed with Party (Name of the Institution) Purpose Signed on date
1. Government Medical College, Jammu Agreement for testing of COVID-19 samples in public interest 02-04-2020
2. NDA and CDA Between CSIR-IIIM and Strand Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore-560 024, India. To disclose the confidential information to each other on the Research and Development. 07-05- 2020
3. Seed Development Agreement Between CSIR-IIIM and Induscann Research Pvt. Ltd., reg. Office at C-1503, Viento, Lakeshore Green, Palava city, Kalyan, Thane-421202, Maharashtra. Agreement for production of seed of identified accessions of cannabis  with Induscann 08-05-2020
4. Anphar Laboratories, Gangyal, Jammu, J&K Technology transfer of lab-scale synthesis of Favipiravir drug molecule 03-07-2020
5. CDA Between CSIR-IIIM, Jammu and Clearsynth Labs., Ltd., Mumbai office at 17, Lotus Business Park, New Link Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai-400053. Both parties agree to develop collaborative projects of mutual interest 05082020.
6. CDA Between CSIR-IIIM, Jammu and IOSYNTH Labs. Pvt. Ltd., office at WFF-11, BBC, Biotech Park, Electronic City Phase-1, Bangalore-560100, Karnataka, India. Proprietary catalysts and technologies for the production of chemical intermediates and APIs and utilisation of IIIM Jammu. 17082020
7. CDA Between CSIR-IIIM, Jammu and Manju Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., J-94, Lower Ground Floor, Saket, New Delhi-110017 (India) Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Jammu is having technology for production of DHA and MEPL is interested this technology. Both parties agree to discuss DHA Technology and technology transfer of the same. 19082019


8. With CCRAS, CCRUM & CCRH (Under Ministry of AYUSH) Cooperation in the field of Research & Drug development and procurement of Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy Drugs 26-08-2020
9. CDA Between CSIR-IIIM and Ikanik Farms, Toranto, Canada The sole purpose of determining whether there is a basis for entering into a business relationship between Discloser and Recipient. 2092020
10. Agreement Between CSIR-IIIM, Jammu and Satpura Self Reliant Farmers Producers Co. Ltd., Gonawadi, Chhinwara, Madhya Pradesh. Agreement for  installation of  distillation unit. 05092019
11 Agreement between CSIR-IIIM and CSIR-IICT and Laxai Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., office at Block-A, Phoenix Primea near ICICI Bank, Financial Distt. Gochibowli, Hyderabad, India   Agreed to participate together in clinical trial program to identify best treatment regime and protocol and have agreed to fund the programme on the terms and conditions. 21092020
12. CDA Between CSIR-IIIM and Boyce Biosynthetic office at Villa Hermuzd, 8A, Carmichael Road, Mumbai-400026. Both parties agree to develop collaborative projects of mutual interest 28092020
13. Tripartite Non closure agreement for the technology-Microbial Fermentation process for manufacture of DHA Algae oil between National Research Development Corp.20-22, Zamroodpur, Kailash Colony Extn. New Delhi-110048 and M/s Bills Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Ahmadabad-380059, Gujarat To work with Indian and global pharmaceutical industry to out-license new products and technologies. 09092020
14. CDA Between CSIR-IIIM and Organic Naturalas India Pvt. Ltd., office at 172/4, Murugu Nagar, Fifth street, Velacherry Chennai, Tamilnadhu-600042 Confidential information for the purpose as provided under this agreement and shall not retain the data for any other use. 26092020