Research Facilitation


Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Division and Business Development (PME &BD) is an interface between Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine and outside agencies such as Research Institutes, Industry partners, funding agencies, R&D organizations Government and Society. Planning R&D management, Project Management, IPR Management, Business Development, and Technology Transfer are the main activities of the Division. It is an important department, which performs the following functions for the institute.

  • R&D project monitoring
  • Facilitates the institutional Intellectual Property filing in India and Abroad.
  • Business development
  • Patent Monitoring by CSIR and PCT route.
  • Nodal center for patent filing and publications
  • Maintaining the IPR Portfolio of the institute
  • Negotiating instruments of collaboration
  • Licensing and commercial working of patents / IPR
  • Project Annual and Five Year Plan documents
  • Training programme on IPR for students and scientists
  • Monitors customer satisfaction and Right to Information

People/Research Group


  Sh. Abdul Rahim
Senior Principal Scientist & Head of PME/IT Division

Mr. Ajit Prabhakaran
Sr. Technical Officer-1

Mr Manish Kumar
Technical Officer

Mr. Vikrant Awasthi
Technical Officer


Durga Prasad Mindala
Technical Assistant

Vision & Mission


To be recognized as a creative and an effective Research Management interface for government, Industry and society


To increase networking with industrial, society, government and R&D organisations through an dissemination of information for effective collaboration and quality service delivery


The Planning Monitoring Evaluation and Business Development Division are the research management and interface of the Institute with the Industry and Societal. Brief activities/functions being performed by the Division are as under:

  • Research Planning and Management
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Technology Transfer (Licensing/Transfer of  in house Technologies)
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Documentation and Management Information reporting in time targeted manner
  • Management of Training and Skill Development
  • Management of Parliamentary Cell
  • Function of RTI Nodal and Deemed PIO
  • Liaison with industries and R&D institutions
  • Technical Services
  • Catalysing Collaborative/Interdisciplinary Research,
  • MoUs
  • Material Transfer Agreements
  • Agreements
  • Implementation of ERP System.
  • Event Managements.
  • IND Filings.

Ongoing Projects

  • CSIR-Integrated Skill Development and Project Management


Department Responsibilities

  • Annual reports, DPR, EFC/SFC, daily, monthly, quarterly bi-annually and annual reports, day to day Management information reporting, Technical Documents, IPR, Technology briefs, Term sheets and IPR documentation and follow-ups.

Information Technology Division


The Information Technology Division of IIIM is IT rdfilities Management Services are being provided which involves an effective combination of people, process and tools to ensure that IT infrastructure is always up and able to deliver. Catering to the 24×7 service demands complete responsibility of ensuring availability and performance of IT Infrastructure as per requirement of the Institute. Maintenance, Management and upkeeping of IT infrastructure is also carried out in house.

Missions and Goals

  • To provide better computational rdfilities to all users.
  • To update the computing skills of users by training.
  • To procure, maintain and update hardware and software
  • To maintain the Local Area Network (LAN) with Internet and Intranet to near 100% uptime.
  • Analysis, Design and Development of need based application software.
  • Network/Communication Administration.
  • Multimedia services including presentation arrangements for all meetings, seminars, etc.
  • Digital Photo editing and printing, Printing, Scanning, DVD-Writing, etc.


IT division is having competence Computer Networking, System administration, Database administration and management and maintenance of ITCT infrastructure.


  1. Sh. Abdul Rahim, Senior Principal Scientist & Head IT
  2. Sh. Shaghaf M. Ansari, Senior Scientist
  3. Sh. Uma Shankar, Technical Assistant

Area of Research

Information and Communication Technology


  • Internet & Email rdfility
  • Audio & Video Conferencing
  • Large format printing
  • Network Colour Printing
  • Documentation rdfility
  • Multi location Multimedia presentation rdfility

Bioinformatics Center

Apart from its recent venture into the research and development activities, the centre is catering to the scientific needs of the scientists and students engaged in Biotechnology, Biochemistry and other research areas since its inception. Centre is providing online access to literature & databases available on Internet to Scientists, research scholars and M.Sc Biotechnology students of Jammu University.

Centre is actively involved in training of manpower involved in biological R&D, particularly Molecular Modeling and Computational biology activities from time to time.

The Centre has also designed and was so far responsible for the maintenance of the complete website of the Institute. Recently center has been enlarged in order to accommodate larger number of users and for setting up of a separate molecular modeling facility. The centre now has a well established molecular modeling facility with the projects running mainly on Molecular docking, Homology Modeling and QSAR studies.

The centre has got an unstinted support from the Department of biotechnology and now the centre has the capability for conceiving and carrying out the R&D projects in the areas of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology applications. The centre is actively involved in assisting to the computational aspects of the research in other divisions of the Institute. The centre is actively involved in organizing trainings and workshops and delivering guest lectures for developing Human Resource within and around the state in the area of Bioinformatics.


  1. Mr. Amit Nargotra
  2. Miss Monika Gupta

Herbarium & Drug Repository

The Janaki Ammal Herbarium is a national referral facility, taken over in bequest from the Drug Research Laboratory, Jammu. The original collection comprises of a rich collection from all over India by col. Sir R. N. Chopra, Shri R. L. Bhadwar and Dr. S. L. Nayar, under a scheme financed by the Indian Council of Medical Research. These collections include specimens dated even prior to 1935 some of them even dating back to 19th Century. The preserved specimens in this herbarium include a large number of medicinal, aromatic and other economic plants from different parts of India and foreign countries, whereas the flora of North-West Himalayan region is very well represented.

The herbarium at present houses more than 21,500 specimens representing 3,254 species, 1,152 genera and 218 families of Angiosperms, Gymnosperms and Pteridophytes. This facility is used by scientists from academia & herbal drug Industry as ready reference for authentication of plants. It is recognized internationally and is registered in Index herbariorum at New York, U.S.A under the acronym RRLH. Currently the herbarium specimens are being digitalized and would be made available for S&T staff through intranet.

National Repository of Botanical Drugs at IIIM houses a total of 3,600 crude drug samples of authenticated parts of the plants, used as medicine, have been housed. The botanical drugs comprising, root, stem, leaves , flower, fruit, seed, root & rhizome, stem & leaves, fruit & seed, stem bark, root bark, heart wood, whole plant, whole plant without root, exudates, gum/resin, tuber and bulb, have been classified on the most scientific and modern lines.

Currently this referral facility is accessible to pharmaceutical industry, traders, medicinal practitioners, natural product chemists, students and academics.

Col Sir R.N. Chopra Repository

For any drug discovery programme, a repository of compounds is very essential. Col Sir R.N. Chopra Repository at IIIM hosts such valuable resource comprising of more than 600 pure natural compounds, close to 2000 compounds from Institutional medicinal chemistry projects and 50,000 drug-like compounds procured from commercial sources. The compounds from external sources were properly selected after applying several drug-like filters such as molecular weight, cLogP, ADME properties etc. and avoiding many suspicious chemotypes, undesirable intellectual properties etc. This initiative was taken by the present Director Dr. Ram Vishwakarma in the year 2010 and the library is regularly growing at a steady pace and now forms the starting point for most of the discovery programs at IIIM. The entire data of the compounds along with its structure is stored in a database with sub-structural search facility. The compounds are stored in three coded format. This database is regularly updated. Apart from the structure of the compounds, this database also stores the three associated codes, purity profile, submitter details, quantity, physicochemical properties and source of all these compounds. A yearly incentive award has also been initiated since 2013 for the students with maximum contribution to the repository.