Fermentation and Microbial Biotechnology

Our main focus is on exploration and exploitation of India`s rich microbial diversity (both cultivable and uncultivable) for novel bioactive molecules and biocatalysts with application in health, agriculture and industry, and their overproduction using conventional and molecular biology tools. Our aim is R&D leading to the production of industrially important biopharmaceuticals including bioactive, biocatalysts, biotransformation of drug/intermediates, nutraceuticals and agriculture crop yield improvement through microbial fertilizers, biopesticides and minerals salts. Main activities include production, process optimization, scale up, downstream processing, purification & characterization of biomolecules for industrial applications.

  • Vision: To become recognized Centre of Excellence for Industrial microbiology research
  • Mission: Helping Indian industries for scale up of processes and building confidence in Indian industry through transferring technology and training on microbial fermentation processes
  • Isolation, characterization & identification of microbes for repository of psychrotrophic, mesophilic and thermo-tolerant microorganism including bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi and endophytes,
  • Screening for specific microbial enzymes and secondary metabolites, enantio/ regio-specific biotransformations
  • Indigenous novel expression system for heterologous protein production, Hyperexpression and protein engineering
  • Strain development for production of bioactive molecules and novel enzymes using traditional and molecular tools (genomics and proteomics)
  • Multi-functional fermentation scale up facility from lab scale to 500L capacity with compatible downstream processing
  • Technology development for agricultural crop yield increase by biofertilizers, biocontrol agents and micronutrients.
  • Well equipped Microbiology laboratory to carryout cutting edge research on isolation and characterization of microorganisms and their bioactive metabolites
  • State of Art Micro-processor controlled fermentation facility upto 500L scale with supporting down-stream processing facilities for bacterial, fungal and yeast based products.
  • State-of–art equipments required for Microbiology, Enzymology and Bio-process development
  • State-of-the-art facility to undertake nucleic acid amplification, biomarker development, gene cloning, heterologous gene expression
  • Metabolic pathway engineering for production of novel/ desired metabolites
Name Designation
Dr. Asha Chaubey Head & Sr. Principal Scientist 
Dr. Sundeep Jaglan Principal Scientist
Dr. Saurabh Saran Principal Scientist
Dr. Vikash Babu Principal Scientist
Dr. Meenu Katoch Senior Scientist
Dr. Kanhaiya Kumar Senior Scientist
Dr. Vinod Kumar Scientist
Dr.Jatinder Kumar Scientist

MLP1008: Bioprospecting microbial species from unexplored ecological niches for novel molecules and enzymes (MLP-1008)

Development of Zinc gluconate-Vitamin C formulation for immunity improvement and management of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) (MLP-110004)

Deciphering the mechanism(s)of host-entophytes’ coevolution, enhanced secondary metabolite production and crop productivity (MLP-0048)

CSIR-Aroma mission (HCP-0007)

An essential oil based formulation/ product for Post harvest storage of fruits (MLP110005)

Nucleoside as biofilm inhibitors of bacteria and to understand the underlying mechanism of action

Induction of secondary metabolites in microbes via co-cultivation based elicitation (GAP-2175)

Development and validation of fermentation based immunomodulatory AYUSH kwath formulation (GAP-3105)

Fermentation based process development for the production of tacrolimus drug (GAP-2187)

Development of nutraceutical products from algae (CLP-0309)

Authors Title Journal
Devtulya Chander, Jasmine Kour Khosla, Diksha Koul, Md. Mehedi Hossain, Mohd Jamal Dar and Asha Chaubey

Purification and characterization of thermoactive serratiopeptidase from Serratia marcescens AD-W2

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Inventors/ Contributors Title Description Year
Vikash Babu, Rahul Vikram Singh, Hitesh Sharma, Amit Kumar, Shaista Sultan, Varun Pratap Singh, Bhahwal Ali Shah, Parvinder Pal Singh Enzymatic Process for the Preparation of Vorinostat Filed (IN 201911047261) 2019
Deepika Singh, Sharma Jai Parkash, Sundeep Jaglan, Hamid Dar Abid, Anamika Khajuria, Pratap Singh Varun, Asrey Vishwakarma Ram

Brachiatins D and process for their production thereof


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Meenu Katoch, Gulam Nabi Qazi Glucose Oxidase Promoter For Use In Aspergillus Present invention discloses an effective promoter being derived from a gene encoding glucose oxidase inA. niger for expression of a protein in filamentous fungus, preferably Aspergillus. The A. niger glucose oxidase is an oxido-reductase enzyme whose promoter is not so far described and used for heterologous protein production. 2009