Bio-Organic Chemistry Division

Bioorganic chemistry (BOC) applies the principles of organic chemistry to decipher problems of various biological events, taking inspiration from biology to develop new chemical processes.

Different research activities carried out at BOC division are summarized in figure 1 as a flow chart.

Figure 1: Different research activities pursued at Bio-Organic Chemistry Division.



Carbohydrates play important roles in many biological processes, rendering the development of efficient synthetic methods toward carbohydrates crucial for glycobiology research. Some of the novel methodologies carried out at CSIR-IIIM Jammu are shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Some of the representative examples of compounds synthesized using glycoscience



Drug delivery involves the development of polymeric systems to carry small molecular weight therapeutics at specific sites by passive targeting as well as active targeting. The prerequisite for such polymeric therapeutics is to release the drug at targeted sites with maximizes the drug release by pH or enzyme-based degradation. Further, Diversity Oriented Synthesis (DOS) of natural products were being carried out for the discovery of novel, biologically interesting small molecules. Some representative examples are shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3. Medicinal chemistry of some drug molecules




Biotransformation has received increasing attention for the synthesis of compounds of pharmaceutical importance. It has several distinctive features as compared to chemical catalysis due to its non-toxic nature, high chemoselectivity and regioselectivity.

RSC Med. Chem., 2020, 11,142

Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Aldol product of Kojic acid isolated from Aspergillus Flavus as given in figure 4.



D. Mukherjee et al Tet. Lett., 2014, 55, 5846-5848

 Figure 4: Enzymatic resolution of compound 4a using commercially available enzymes.



The biotransformation of amino acids into biologically active molecules are challenges faced to implement the basic scientific knowledge to Chemical Process Research and Development (CPR&D) of generic drugs targeted for global market is getting complex like never before due to continuously emerging patent landscape, increased competition, regulatory problems and the cost pressure. The “need for innovation” scenario is more “driven and dictated by Intellectual Property (IP), which has thereby compelled scientists to think out of the box to overcome these challenges. For a successful drug discovery, it is necessary that a drug should be affordable where the route of synthesis is novel, straightforward and environmentally benign. development of new synthetic methodologies as well as process development of three key but expensive lifesaving drugs namely Dapagliflozin (antidiabetic), Sofosbuvir (anti-HCV) , Delamanid (anti-TB) and EIDD-1931 (anti-COVID19).

Development of novel methodologies using photoredox catalyst to synthesize medicinally important compounds are one of major thrust area and some of the representative examples are shown below

  • Biotransformation of natural products and drugs using enzymes to generate drug metabolites or medicinally important compounds.
  • Carbohydrates as chiral pool material to synthesize medicinally important compounds against specific targets
  • Development of non-infringing routes for API synthesis
  • Development of novel routs for targeted drug delivery
  • Development of new methodologies for the synthesis of pharmaceutically important molecules
  • Glycoscience
  • API synthesis
  • Photoredox catalysis
  • Drug delivery
  • List of research facilities/ infrastructure available

Following are the instruments which are being used for various kind of analysis:

Dr Debaraj Mukherjee
Principal Scientist

Dr. Payare Lal Sangwan
Principal Scientist

Dr Bhahwal A. Shah
Senior Scientist

Dr. Ravi Shankar
Senior Scientist

Dr. Buddh Singh
Sr. Technical Officer(II)


  • Dengue Herbal Project (Advanced Phase, Sun Pharma Limited)
  • Novel Strategy to Generate Drug Like Marine Natural Product Library to Discover Bioactive Compounds (SERB)
  • Fermentation Based Process Development for Production of Tacrolimus Drug (ICMR)
  • Effect of Epigenetic Modifiers on Secondary Metabolite Production in Drug Producing Fungi (SERB)
  • CSIR-Phytopharmaceutical Mission (CSIR)
  • CSIR-Sickle Cell Anaemia Mission (CSIR)
  • CSIR-Aroma Mission (CSIR)
  • Phytopharmaceutical Development of Ficus semicordata -Ham. Ex Sm. as per regulatory guidelines of DCGI (under the phytopharmaceutical   Mission for North East Region (GAP 2180)
  • Discovery of target based novel bioactive natural products from high altitude plants Hippophae rhamnoids (Sebuckthorn) and Grewia asiatica (phalsa) for achieving the pharmacological and cosmetic effects against ultraviolet radiation induced skin damage (photo ageing/ carcinogenesis) (GAP-2167)
  • Development of Phytopharmaceutical product for bovine mastitis (GAP-2141)
  • Creation of national repository of pure natural products (MLP-4013)
  • Natural Product Chemistry and Pharmacology of Medicinal Plants (MLP-4012)
  • Development of Phytopharmaceutical product for bovine mastitis (GAP-2141)
  • Creation of national repository of pure natural products (MLP-4013)
  • Natural Product Chemistry and Pharmacology of Medicinal Plants (MLP-4012)
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