Pharmacology Division

The pharmacology Division of the institute is engaged mainly in anticancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic drug discovery and development from natural as well as semi-synthetic sources. The division has been working on PI3K-Akt-mTOR signalling, EGFR, DNA methyl transferases, histone methyl transferases and histone deacetylases, the major focus being discovery of target specific novel small molecule modulator(s) from natural products, synthetic and semi-synthetic sources in an attempt to achieve the more potent preventive and chemotherapeutic effects. The division has state of the art facilities for in vitro cytotoxicity studies against human cancer cell lines, in vivo anticancer studies against murine tumor models/human cancer xenograft/orthotropic models and target based in vitro mechanistic studies leading to the discovery of novel anti-cancer chemotherapeutics. On mechanistic side, regulation of tumor invasion, metastasis, epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) and wnt /beta-catenin signalling in cancer and stem cell biology by natural products/their semi-synthetic derivatives is the current area of focus. Among inflammatory disorders, the division has programs to develop natural product driven drug candidates for Rheumatoid Arthritis & Inflammatory disorders, diabetes mellitus and obesity. The division is equipped with state of the art GLP standard Animal facility housing number of inbred, outbred and transgenic rodent strains.


  • Discovery and development of products/solutions to positively benefit the quality of life of individuals with diseases like cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity and pain associated with these conditions.


  • Discovery and preclinical development of target based novel molecule(s) for anticancer therapeutics from natural/synthetic/semi-synthetic sources followed by elucidation of mechanism of action in in vitro and in vivo models
  • Evaluating the different signaling pathways like PI3K, Akt, mTOR, IGF-R, EGF-R, Wnt/β-Catenin, HDAC, HMT, DNMT in context with cancer biology and drug discovery using proteomic, biochemical and molecular biology approaches

Conducting and supporting basic research, human resource development, imparting training and participation in related cancer research programs at national/international level

  • Enzyme inhibition & kinetic constants determination including isoform specific PI3K, Akt, mTOR, IGF-R, EGF-R, HDAC, DNMT, CDK, MMP, HMT, Phosphodiesterase etc; Cytotoxicity assays (MTT, XTT, SRB) against human cancer cell lines representing various cancers
  • Cell Migration; Invasion; Clonogenic; Angiogenesis assays like Tube formation, Permeability, Wound Healing, Matrigel Plug assay, Air Sac model, Aortic Ring assay; Gelatin zymography; qPCR; Western; Northern; Luciferase Reporter Gene Assay; Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP); Histopathology; Immunohistochemistry; Live Cell Imaging; Fluorescence and Immunofluorescence; Confocal Microscopic, Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopic Studies etc.
  • In vivo anticancer studies against murine cancer models such as Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma; Ehrlich Tumor (Solid); Sarcoma-180 Ascites; Sarcoma-180 (Solid); Methyl Cholanthrere Induced Ascites; L1210 Lymphoid Leukemia; P388 Lymphocytic Leukemia and Human Cancer Xenograft models; In vivo Hollow Fiber Mouse Model; In vivo Preclinical Anticancer Mutagenicity/Anti-mutagenicity Models; etc
  • In vitro, in vivo anti-inflammatory activities in cell culture models and rodent models respectively.
  •  Liver biology
  • Skin biology
  • Pre-formulation and Drug delivery
  • ADME/PK studies
  • Toxicity and safety pharmacological studies
  • Cell Culture Facilities including C02 Incubators and Laminars;
  • Cytometers with Cell Sorter
  • Gel Documentation System
  • Multiplate Detection Reader (UV-Visible/UV, Fluorescence, Luminescence)
  • Robotic Liquid Handling System Aided MTS
  • Electroblotter; Real Time PCR, 2-D Gel Electrophoretic System.
  • FPLC; Deep Freezers (-20°C,-80°C); Refrigerated Centrifuges; Protein, RNA & DNA Electrophoretic Apparatus; Magnetic Stirrer; Millipore Water Purification System; pH Meter; Water Bath; Sonicator; Preparative and Analytical Centrifuges including Ultracentrifuge; High Precision Weighing Balance; Inverted Microscope (Phase Contrast); Fluorescence and Immuno-fluorescence Microscope etc.
  • Individually Ventilated Caging Systems; NOD.SCID (Immuno-deficient) Inbred Mice; Luciferase Expressing Human Cancer Cell Lines; IVIS Kinetic In Vivo Optical Imaging System; Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope; UV/Visible Spectrophotometer etc
  • HPLC and LC-MS/MS
  • Automated biochemical analyzer and Automated Hematology analyzer
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  • Mission Projects
    • HCP-38: CSIR-Phytopharma Mission.
    • HCP-40: Pan Cancer Mission.
    • HCP-23: Sickle Cell Mission (Phase-II).

    Major Lab. Projects

    • MLP 110007: Preclinical development of small molecule(s) promoting hair regeneration and studying mechanism of hair regeneration.
    • MLP 6007:Mouse models for non-invasive detection and quantification of experimental human.
    • MLP 110012: Discovery of cannabinoids and their derivatives from Cannabis sativa for the management of chronic disease conditions like rheumatoid arthritis/neuropathic pain.
    • MLP 6012: IND Enabling studies.
    • MLP-6006: Pre-clinical (PK-PD, safety and toxicity profile) of new bioactive leads and development of new combination drugs for cancer/tuberculosis
    • MLP-110004: Development of zinc gluconate-Vitamin C formulation for immunity improvement of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
    • MLP- 6012: Safety pharmacology, toxicology and IND enabling study

    Grant-In-Aid Projects

    • GAP 2168: Solid tumor targeting using homing peptides and plasmonic photothermal technique.
    • GAP 2177: Exploration of engineered nanocarrier and modulation of the tumor microenvironment for efficient delivery of anticancer molecule(s) to solid tumor.
    • GAP 2143: Isolation, Pharmacopeia standardization and immunomodulation activity of Unani drug Habb-e-suranjan and Habb-e- Asgand.
    • GAP 2180: Pharmaceutical development of Ficus semicordata-Ham.ex Sm. As per regulatory guidelines of DCGI.
    • GAP 2190: Investigation on the antiobesity activity of Argyreia nervosa, Garcinia species.
    • GAP-3105: Development and validation of fermentation based immunomodulatory AYUSH kwath formulation(AYUSH).
    • GAP 2194: Selective Spectrum Antibiotic Modulation of the Gut Microbiome in Type 2 Diabetes with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
    • GAP -2166: Discovery of target based novel bioactive natural products from a high altitude plant Hippophae rhamnoides L. (seabuckthorn) and Grewia asiatica (phalsa) for achieving pharmacological and cosmetics effects against ultraviolet radiation induced skin damage (photo-aging/ carcinogenesis)
    • GAP-0162: Mechanistic insights in the coexisting pathogenesis of Ethanol and High Cholesterol/High Fat diet -induced End Stage Liver Disease
    • GAP-3104: CBD-THC enriched phytopharmaceutical drug for cancer pain management.
    • GAP-3107: Development of Boswellia serrata based phytopharmaceutical drug for osteoarthritis.
    • GAP-3109: Mechanistic insights in the coexisting pathogenesis of ethanol and high cholesterol/high fat diet-induced end stage liver disease via modulation of adiponectin, insulin & cannabinoid receptors utilizing natural products and their derivatives.

    NMITLI Projects

    • TLP 110011: Development of Ayurveda based botanical drugs for prophylaxis and management of CIVID-19.
    • TLP 110013: Development of Mycobacterium w for COVID-19.


Pharmacology Division (Project Mapped )

Name Project Title Project code & Role
Anindya Goswami MAKING CANCER CARE AFFORDABLE: Empowering Women’s Health-Focusing on Breast and Gynaecological Cancers of Indian Relevance HCP-40 (Role:PI)
Anindya Goswami Characterization of Cannabinoid based combinatorial approach for the inhibition of pro-inflammatory signaling modulating tumor microenvironment MLP-110017(Role:PI)
Shashank Singh MAKING CANCER CARE AFFORDABLE: Empowering Women’s Health-Focusing on Breast and Gynaecological Cancers of Indian Relevance HCP-40(Role:PI)
Dr. M. Sreedhar Discovery of cannabinoids and their derivatives from Cannabis sativa for the management of chronic disease conditions like rheumatoid arthritis/neuropathic pain MLP21007 (Role:Co-PI)
Dr. M. Sreedhar Discovery of cannabinoids and their derivatives from Cannabis sativa for the management of chronic disease conditions like rheumatoid arthritis/neuropathic pain MLP110012(Role:Co-PI)
S. Tasduq Abdullah Mechanistic insights in the coexisting pathogenesis of Ethanol and High Cholesterol/High Fat diet-induced End Stage Liver Disease via modulation of Adiponectin, Insulin & Cannabinoid receptors utilizing natural products and their derivatives GAP2166(Role:PI)
Dr. Ramajayan P Sickle Cell Anaemia Mission HCP0023(Role:Member)
Dr. Ramajayan P Phytopharmaceutical Mission HCP0038(Role:Member)
Dr. P N Gupta Pre-clinical Pharmacological Evaluation, PK/PD/Toxicity and Safety Studies of identified hits/leads MLP21006(Role:Co-PI)
Dr. P N Gupta CSIR-Aroma mission project: Phase III HCP0007(Role:Member)
Dr. P N Gupta Development of the dual-targeting (αvβ3 / αvβ5 and FRα) multi functional assembly for the improvement of anti-cancer efficacy of Irinotecan GAP 3137 (Role:Co-PI)
Dr. P N Gupta Exploring the Himalayan plants with immunomodulant and galactagogue properties in connection to animal health to optimize cattle productivity GAP 3121(Role:Co-PI)
Dr. Gurleen Kour Investigation on the anti-obesity activity of Argyreia Nervosa, Garcinia Species GAP-2190  (Role:PI)
Dr utpal Nandi  

Pre-clinical (PK-PD, safety and toxicity profile) of new bioactive leads, and development of new combination drugs for cancer/tuberculosis

MLP21006 (Role: Team member)
Dr utpal Nandi  

Pan CSIR cancer research program making cancer care affordable empowering women’s health focusing on breast and gynecological cancer of Indian relevance

MLP21006 (Role:Team member)
Dr utpal Nandi CSIR-IND Mission HCP39 ((Role:Co-PI)
Dr utpal Nandi


CBD-THC enriched phytopharmaceutical drug for cancer pain management


GAP3104 (Role:Co-PI)
Dr utpal Nandi Development of Boswellia serrata based phyto-pharmaceutical drug for osteo-arthritis GAP3107 (Role:PI)
Dr utpal Nandi
Synthesis of reference standards and in-vitro & in-vivo studies (PK studies) on the metabolites & longterm metabolites
GAP3102 (Role:Co-PI)
Dr utpal Nandi Pre-clinical development of Vasa (Justicia adhatoda Linn.) leaves through AYUSH route for adjunct therapy in tuberculosis to reduce anti-tubercular treatment (ATT) induced hepatotoxicity GAP3141 (Role:PI)
Dr utpal Nandi Pre-clinical development of Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica Linn.) fruit through AYUSH route for adjunct therapy in tuberculosis to reduce anti-tubercular treatment (ATT) induced hepatotoxicity GAP3143 (Role:Co-PI)
Dr utpal Nandi Pre-clinical development of Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia (Thunb) Miers) stem through AYUSH route for adjunct therapy in tuberculosis to reduce anti-tubercular treatment (ATT) induced hepatotoxicity GAP3144 (Role: Co-PI)