Verinag & Yarikhah Farm


Kashmir valley being unique in its vast flora of high altitude medicinal and aromatic plants including microbial diversity, current R&D work is focused on prospecting these abundant natural resources. Experimental Field stations contribute to regional services, surveys, plant genetic resources (conservation) data acquisition, evaluation, and production of quality planting material with emphasis on agro and processing technology of high value plants. Several of these are processed for production of essential oils. Local farmers are also engaged in these activities by providing them quality planting material and technical know-how

Experimental Field Stations

Field Station Yarikhah (Tangmarg)

Location : Tangmarg
Distance from Srinagar: 50 Kms
Altitude : 7400 ft
Total area : 10 hectares

Field Station Yarikhah is located at a distance of 45km from Srinagar in Tangmarg, district Baramullah at an altitude of 7400 ft. on the way to famous tourist destination Gulmarg. The total area of land available in the farm is 10 hectares (25 acres).

Field station Verinag (Anantnag)

Location : Anantnag
Distance from Srinagar: 80 Kms
Altitude : 6700 ft
Total area : 2.5 hectares

Field Station Verinag is located at a distance of 78km from Srinagar in Verinag, district Anantnag at an altitude of 6700 ft. near the famous historical spring of Verinag. The total area of land available in the farm is 2.5 hectares (6.25 acres).

The major activities carried out in these farms include maintenance of plant germplasm base of many rare high altitude medicinal and aromatic plants, development of agro technologies for large scale cultivation and processing of high value aromatic crops like  particularly Rose, Rosemary, Rose geranium, Lavender, Clarysage and  other medicinal plants for extension activities. The farms are lead centres for the several multi institutional projects under different sponsoring agencies like CSIR, S&T, DBT, ICMR etc. The quality planting material produced is being supplied to various divisions of the institute and other institutions for drug discovery research programme. Evaluation, performance and utility of most promising species of plants are being multiplied and tested under different agro-climatic situations.

Details reports on individual medicinal plants including their history, origin, genetic resources, cytogenetic, and varietal improvement through conventional and modern molecular methods, and their use in pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, nutrition, and food industries is being carried out.