Powers and duties of officers (administrative, financial and judicial)

1. Director
Director is the Executive Head of the Laboratory. The responsibilities of director are

Realizing the mission of the CSIR-IIIM
Creating an environment in CSIR-IIIM conducive to nurturing of innovation and productive research in support of the mandate of the institute.
Managing the affairs of the institute as per the decisions of the Management Council.
Director shall in all matters have powers delegated to him by the Governing Body of CSIR.
[Ref : Rule 53 A iii of CSIR Rules & Regulations and Bye-laws]
Bye-laws further provide for delegation of powers to other officers / functionaries subordinate to Director. The details of powers of DG,CSIR; RC; MC; Director and the powers delegated to other functionaries may please be referred to at link delegation.
2. Controller of Administration

Overall in-charge of the activities in the Administrative sections that deal with matters like establishment; maintenance, upkeep and security of the institute’s property; logistics support; control on the expenditure from administrative angle; etc.
Reporting /Reviewing officer for the staff working in administrative block.
Execute the power delegated to the COA
Undertake the tasks as assigned from time-to-time of non-routine nature.
3. Finance & Account officer

To assist and advise the Director on all financial matters and be responsible for providing support services to all the scientific staff and bench-level-scientists.
Active participation in management decisions being an ex-officio member in statutory and other committees like Management Council, Standing Purchase Committees, Standing Disposal Committee, Departmental Promotion Committee, Honorarium Distribution Committee, Estate & Work Committee etc.
Liaison and co-ordination work in respect of DACR & CSIR audit parties.
Financial concurrence of all the proposals including service matters.
To keep liaison with CSIR HQs on matters related to Finance/ Accounts/ Audit.
Preparation of REs & BEs, review of expenditure vis-a-vis budget allocation.
Preparation of annual account, income & expenditure statement and balance sheet.
Scrutiny of pension cases and issue of PPO, retirement /death gratuity, commutation order etc.
Implementation of activities related to modernization and computerization of finance & accounts functions.
Any other work assigned by CSIR/Director.
4. Stores and Purchase Officer

Overall in-charge of the activities in the Stores and Purchase sections that deal with matters like purchase of stores, maintenance of stores inventories, write-off of unserviceable items, auction of outdated stores, etc.
Reporting /Reviewing Officer for the staff working in the Stores and Purchase section.
Execute the policies concerning purchase and stores procedures for smooth functioning of the institute.
Provide advice to the functional bodies (committees, groups) within the organization.
Keep liaison with CSIR on matters related to Stores and Purchase.
Provide healthy working conditions and atmosphere to the institute by correct interpretation of rules and laws.
Advice Director, NIO on the matters related to stores and purchase for decisions.
Seek instructions of the Director on the matters beyond routine for implementation.