Plant Tissue Culture


Tissue culture facility is the central facility available in the institute. All scientists can use this central facility to carryout research in tissue culture for mass propagation and related areas.

Currently in tissue culture facility, we are maintaining 55 different germplasm and cultivars. Apart from mass propagation we are doing protoplast studies, secondary metabolite enhancement studies, somatic embryogenesis, hairy root cultures and mutagenesis studies. We having spacious culture room and hardening unit. This facility is equipped with autoclave, orbital shaker and 5 lit capacity bioreactor (to carry out secondary metabolite works).

We also having hardening unit to establish complete plants to adopt the natural conditions from laboratory.

Institute has state-of-the-art Tissue culture facility which is being utilized for micro-propagation of endemic and/ or endangered medicinal & aromatic plant species, for embryo rescue and regeneration, induction of somatic embryogenesis, bioproduction of secondary metabolites through cell culture/ hairy root cultures, and for creation of somaclonal variations. Using this facility micropropagation protocols for more than 25 medicinal, aromatic and economic plants have been developed.