Mass Spectrometry


  • Agilent 1100 LC has been coupled with Bruker make mass spectrometer model Esquire 3000. Following are the details of the instrument
  • LC:
  • Binary Gradient pump with on-line degasser
  • Quartenary Gradient pump with on-line degasser
  • Autosampler with capacity of 100 samples.
  • Column oven
  • PDA detector
  • MS:
  • Sample inlet systems: Liquid chromatographic system and syringe pump inlets
  • Ionisation sources: ESI and APCI constitute the API ionization sources and the Ion trap analyzer with MSn facility

The instrument is used for the mass determination of pure molecules and LC-MS studies provide information about the number of molecules and their atomic masses present in the mixtureas. The instrument is used both for qualitative as well as quantitative analysis.


Shimadzu 17A GC with Head Space Sampling System HSS-4A

It is a dual channel GC with two FID detectors, two split/splitless injectors and autosampler for head space sampling applications. The instrument is extensively being used for separation of aromatic compounds and volatile mixtures utilizing capillary columns. Head space sampling enhances the application of GC by eliminating the extraction & sample preparation step. The instrument is fully programmable using Class GC 10 software & PC.

Nucon GC 5765

A dual channel gas chromatograph with two injectors & two FID detectors. The instrument utilizes Winacds software with Aimil chromatography data station for data acquisition & analysis.

Varian GCMS/MS model 4000 with workstation.


  • 1 split/splitless injector & 2 PTV injectors
  • FID detector
  • MS/MS detector
  • Direct sampling system (Chromatoprobe) for mass of pure samples
  • Autosampler (Combipal) for liquid & HSS sampling
  • Wiley Library
  • Library mass finder for terpinoids & related constituents


Instrument is used for the determination of both small as well as high molecular weight compounds. Metabolic studies of drug molecules would be carried out on the instrument.


4800 MALDI-TOF/TOF MS is a floor standing mass analyzer specifically used for MS analysis of biomolecules including protein digests, intact proteins, lipids and carbohydrates as well as for small molecules. The instrument provides very high sensitivity, resolution and high mass accuracy required for protein sequencing. MALDI-TOF/TOF is well suited to be used for the analysis of PTMs (such as phosphorylation, glycosylation, etc.), denovo sequencing and biomarker discovery. The system enables the precise selection of individual precursor masses for further fragmentation enabling definitive identification and characterization for these biological molecules by MS/MS. The combination of data obtained from MS and MS/MS can increase significantly the confidence of protein identification using a database search (MASCOT).