The facility in IIIM provides State-of-the-art Biosafety Level-3 (BSL-3) facility for handling and experimentation with hazard group III pathogens. The facility fully complies with the Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) guidelines. This facility consists of two in-vitro experimentation labs and one animal handling (mice & guinea pigs) for in-vivo experimentations. The facility is fully equipped with Biosafety cabinets, incubators, centrifuges, deep freezers, C02 incubators and has two double door autoclaves for handlings of the hazardous waste generated while working on pathogens.

In order to strengthen the research activity in the anti-infective areas, a well-equipped state-of-the-art Bio Safety Level –3 facility has been established. This is specially designed negatively air pressured containment facility meeting the Bio Safety Level-3 requirements as per the guidelines of Centre for Diseases Control (CDC), Atlanta for handling hazard group III pathogens. IIIM is one of the five CSIR labs having this facility which is being formally commissioned in April 2006. This facility will strengthen the research activity in the ongoing anti TB and molecular targets projects of M tuberculosis. Screening of phytomolecules for anti HIV activity, vaccines and vaccines adjuvant are the other areas that will be taken into the research scaffold of the institute. Apart from the in house research activities, this facility will also cater as Regional Center for providing diagnostics in case of outbreaks.