Discovery Informatics

The group works in close collaboration with the Medicinal/Natural Product Chemists as well as the Pharmacologists for the development of predictive models for selection of apposite hits for target based drug discovery. The application of latest tools and techniques in bio/chem-informatics along with thorough literature search provides a rational for selection of compounds, from a large repository, to be taken forward for optimisation studies. The group is actively engaged in establishing the Artificial Intelligence capacity and its application in early phase drug discovery in the Institute. Besides this, the group has also established and maintaining the Institutional compound library, which contains pure natural products, their derivatives and the drug like and target based compounds from external sources.

About Vision & Mission of the Department

Vision: Application of latest computational tools and techniques for accelerating the early phase drug discovery process.


  • Cheminformatics approach to design new inhibitors of protein targets in the area of cancer and infection.
  • Application of protein fold imprints of natural products in drug discovery.
  • Network pharmacology application for understanding mechanism of action and identifying new starting points for drug discovery.
  • To build up information resources, prepare databases and develop relevant information handling tools and techniques.
  • To evolve and implement programmes on education of users, training of information scientists in the area of Bioinformatics thereby, contributing towards the Human Resource Development.

About Core Competencies of the Department:

  • Molecular modelling in drug design, Network pharmacology, Database/Web portal development

Dr. Amit Nargotra
Principal Scientist

Monika Gupta
Technical Assistant

  • State-of-the-art facility for carrying out molecular modelling studies.
  • Linux HP workstations (Intel Xeon Dual Core Processor) with the software suite Schrodinger installed.
  • Development of processes for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients towards COVID 19
  • Genotype-Phenotype relationship in rare genetic disorder: Physicochemical analysis of mutations in GNE myopathy and phenotypic modulation by small molecular effector.
  • Molecular modeling studies and creation and maintenance of IIIM repository of natural and synthetic molecules (Sir R N Chopra Repository)
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