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Official Record
Flora of Ladakh
Botanical name Stipa splendens   Trin.
Synonyms         -----
Family Poaceae
Plant Stage Reproductive
Place of collection Indus near Leh
Altitude (m) 3352.8
Date of Collection 5-09-1955
Accession No. 9243
Total Accessions 4
Shelf Placement Cup-Board No./ Pigeon hole No. 29/w
Remarks: Tufted robust perennial 50-250 cm high, with fibrous remains of old leaf-sheaths at the base. Leaf-blades flat or more usually involute, 4-10 mm wide when flattened, glabrous; Glumes unequal, elliptic, acute, the lower (3.2-)4-4.5(-6) mm long, 1-nerved, the upper (4.5-)5-6(-8) mm long, 3-nerved; lemma narrowly elliptic, 4.8-5.7 mm long (including callus), loosely hairy, conspicuously 2-toothed at the tip,
Identified by B.K.Abrol
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