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Official Record
Flora of Kashmir
Botanical name Angelica archangelica Linn.
Synonyms = Archangelica
= A.

Hoffm. var.
Plant Stage Reproductive
Place of collection RRL, Srinagar
Altitude (m)  
Date of Collection 25-08-2005
Accession No. 21507
Total Accessions 14
Shelf PlacementCup-Board No./ Pigeon hole No. 9/s
Remarks An aromatic herb, robust, 1.5-2.5 m in height perennial. Leaves 2-3 pinnate, with much inflated sheathing bases; leaflets sessile , lanceolate to ovate, 4-16 X 2-8 cm, irregularly jagged and toothed, the upper decurrent on their rachies. Umbel rays 15-60 , stout, 3.5-10 cm long; bracts and bracteoles linear. Flowers small, numerous , white , calyx- teeth 0.
Identified by M.Ayuob
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