Medicinal Chemistry Division

The research focus of the department is to discover small molecule lead candidates as a potential treatment for unmet medical needs.  The therapeutic areas currently under focus are cancer (particularly breast and ovarian cancer), Alzheimer’s disease, tuberculosis, gram-negative infections, sickle cell anaemia, and rheumatoid arthritis. The department has strong expertise in synthetic organic chemistry, total synthesis of complex natural products, isolation of natural products from medicinal plants, phytopharmaceuticals/ nutraceuticals, etc. The research activities of the department are supported by the state-of-art analytical facilities available within the central instrumentation facility. The department has experience and expertise in preclinical development / IND enabling of lead candidates.

  • Drug discovery and development: To discover preclinical candidates (NCER’s & phytopharmaceuticals) for unmet medical needs, and take them to clinical trials.


  • Vision: To become unique research team in the field of medicinal chemistry and to deliver clinical candidates as potential treatments for unmet medical needs
  • Mission: Drug discovery and preclinical development employing computational/ medicinal chemistry tools.


  • Synthetic organic chemistry
  • Total synthesis of complex natural products
  • Computational chemistry/ drug design
  • Medicinal chemistry/ lead optimization
  • Peptide chemistry
  • Phytopharmaceuticals/ nutraceuticals

All state-of-art equipment that are necessary for chemistry research such as rotary evaporators, vacuum pumps, chillers, magnetic stirrers, low temperature reaction baths, flash chromatography, microwave reactors, HPLC systems, etc are available within the department. The departmental research activities are supported by a state-of-art analytical facilities available within the central instrumentation facility.

List of permanent staff members currently working in the Department :

 D. Srinivasa Reddy
Director, IIIM & Head of the dept

Dr Sandip B Bharate
Principal Scientist

 Dr. S D Sawant
Principal Scientist

Dr. Qazi Naveed Ahmed
Principal Scientist

Dr. Parvinder Pal Singh
Principal Scientist

Dr. Rajkishore Rai
Senior Scientist

  • List of current ongoing projects
    • API synthesis for COVID-19 (Funding agency: CSIR)
    • Repurposing of colchicine for management of COVID-19 patients (Funding agency: CSIR)
    • CSIR – ICMR – DBT Tripartite project on phytopharmaceuticals (Funding agency: DBT)
    • Preclinical development of crocin-1 enriched Crocus sativus as phytopharmaceutical lead (Funding agency: CSIR)


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