Instrumentation Division

Instrumentation Division is a central facility for the Institute which provides scientific data from various sophisticated analytical instruments. Spectrometry, chromatography and microscopy form the three major units of the division which help in structure elucidation and characterisation of various compounds of natural as well as synthetic origins. The Division is equipped with state of the art analytical facility consisting of High Resolution Mass Spectrometer, LC-MS, NMRs, GC-MS, HPLC, SEM & TEM, Confocal Microscope besides many other commonly used scientific equipments.


Besides catering to requirements of scientists and students of IIIM, the Division also provides services to national academia, research organisations and industry on payment basis.

Vision & Mission of the Department


  • Vision: To acquire and maintain latest instrumental analytical facilities for providing cutting edge techniques for generation of scientific data.
  • Mission: To generate accurate and precise scientific data for scientists and students for carrying out research as per the mandate of the Institute.

About Core Competencies of the Department

The department is equipped with state of the art equipment for various type of chemical analysis of samples of natural as well as synthetic origin. We can provide spectroscopic and chromatographic analysis of samples as per the requirements of the researcher. Electron microscopic analysis of biological as well as non-biological samples is being done on routine basis.


List of research facilities/ infrastructure available

Following analytical instruments available in the department.

  Name of equipment Make Installation Year
1. NMR 400 MHz Bruker 2007
2. NMR 500 MHz Bruker 2005
3. NMR 400 MHz with autosampler Bruker 2020
4. High Resolution Mass Spectrometer Agilent 2011
5. LC-MS/MS Shimadzu 2012
6. GC-MS/MS Shimadzu 2019
7. Analytical HPLC Shimadzu 2014
8. Prep HPLC Waters 2000
9. UV-Vis spectrophotometer Shimadzu 2012
10. FT-IR Spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer 2012
11. CHN Analyser Elementar 2012
12. Polarimeter Perkin Elmer 1992
13. Circular diochroism spectrometer Jasco 2016
14. Transmission Electron Microscope Jeol 2017
15. Scanning Electron Microscope Jeol 2017
16. Confocal Microscope Olympus 2000
17. High-throughput Imaging System Yokogawa 2019
18. Liquid nitrogen Plant StirLin 2000
19. Liquid Nitrogen Plant Wirac 2015

Er. Rajneesh Anand
Chief Scientist

Mr. Amit Kumar
Technical Assistant

Mr. Kamlesh Singh
Technical officer

Mr. Niteen Ashok Narkhede
Technical Assistant

Mr. Sumit Kumar
Technical Assistant

Mr. Amit Kumar
Mr. Rajinder Gupta
Mr. Vikram Bhardwaj
Mr. Anil Prabhakar
Mr. Vikram Abrol
Mr.  Rajesh Sahdev
Mr. Ashok Kumar
  • STS0003 – Testing & Callibration (STS0003)
  • Cannabis germplasm evaluation and its phytocannabinoids study
  • CSIR-Nutraceuticals and Nutritionals Mission HCP0019
  • CSIR-Aroma mission-HCP0007
  • CSIR-Phytopharmaceuticals mission HCP00010
  • Development of processes for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients towards COVID 19- HCP-29
  • (CNP-1313) – Herbal Dengue Product: Scientific and Technical development at CSIR-IIIM,Jammu
  • Sickel-Cell anemia mission
  • chemical repository project


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