Inflammation-Pharmacology Division

Emerging trends indicate life style disorders like diabetes mellitus, obesity and rheumatoid arthritis are chronic inflammatory conditions. Herbal extracts/preparations/derivatives of natural compounds form a promising group of agents, from the times of Ayurveda and other ancient Indian medical systems, especially for the treatment of chronic diseases/inflammatory conditions. The research focus of our group is towards addressing these diseases. The main research activities of our group involves discovery and development of natural products as promising therapies for addressing inflammation with an aim to develop anti-diabetic/ anti-obesity/ pain relieving medications

Discovery and development of products/solutions to positively benefit the quality of life of individuals with chronic inflammatory diseases like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity and pain associated with these conditions.


  • In vitro, in vivo anti-inflammatory activities in cell culture models and rodent models respectively.
  • In vivo anti-rheumatoid arthritis models (CIA induced arthritis in mice)
  • In vivo rodent models of diabetes and obesity
  • Histopathology investigations

Dr. Zabeer Ahmed
Sr. Principal Scientist

Dr. Sreedhar Madishetti

Asha Bhagat
Sr. Tech. Off. (III)

  • Cell culture facility
  • Flourescence Microscope
  • State-of-the-Art Animal House Facility
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DOI : 10.2174/1573406416666200904110828

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  • GAP 2180 – PhyPhytopharmaceutical Development of Ficus semicordata-Ham. ex Sm. as per regulatory guidelines of DCGI – ongoing 2018-2021; DBT
  • Investigation on the anti-obesity activity of Argyreia nervosa, Garcinia species
  • Discovery of cannabinoids and their derivatives from Cannabis sativa for the management of chronic disease conditions like rheumatoid arthritis/neuropathic pain