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Col Sir R.N. Chopra Repository

For any drug discovery programme, a repository of compounds is very essential. Col Sir R.N. Chopra Repository at IIIM hosts such valuable resource comprising of more than 600 pure natural compounds, close to 2000 compounds from Institutional medicinal chemistry projects and 50,000 drug-like compounds procured from commercial sources. The compounds from external sources were properly selected after applying several drug-like filters such as molecular weight, cLogP, ADME properties etc. and avoiding many suspicious chemotypes, undesirable intellectual properties etc. This initiative was taken by the present Director Dr. Ram Vishwakarma in the year 2010 and the library is regularly growing at a steady pace and now forms the starting point for most of the discovery programs at IIIM. The entire data of the compounds along with its structure is stored in a database with sub-structural search facility. The compounds are stored in three coded format. This database is regularly updated. Apart from the structure of the compounds, this database also stores the three associated codes, purity profile, submitter details, quantity, physicochemical properties and source of all these compounds. A yearly incentive award has also been initiated since 2013 for the students with maximum contribution to the repository.

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