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Patent Cell

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Quality research has a major role to play in global positioning of R & D activities of our Institute. Patent Cell Department is equipped with high end computers for online data base searches for patents and journals. The department is dedicated to focussed quality research and intelligent surfing of research information. Patent cell department facilitates this by creating awareness and understanding using online resources through STN (for journal literature, patents, structures, sequences, properties and data) and SciFinder(single & multi-step reactions, experimental and predicted properties & substances/ compound information) round the clock for our research activities. The main aim of this department is to provide vital relevant scientific information for steering research towards drug discovery.

Objectives/ Area of Research
Understanding & utilizing the latest developments in the area of patents and their impact on research.
Study of knowledge based research activity in the field of drug discovery, pharmacology, plant biotechnology, microbiology etc.
Analyzing patent information on regular basis & suggesting new &promising areas of research.
Updating the knowledge in the relevant field to supplement the researchers as per the project needs in different department of our Institute.

STN (CONNECTION TO SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY): STN operated jointly by CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe worldwide and Japan by JAICI.
STN is an online database service that provides global access to published research, journal literature, patents, structures, sequences, properties and other data.
ii. Track competitive intelligence for existing products and those under developments.
iii. Access patent expiration and extension information.
SciFinder (PART OF THE PROCESS): SciFinder is the leading research tool used by scientists around the world to access single-and multi-step reactions, experimental and predicted properties and substance information. Its advanced search and analysis tools play vital part of today research process.
i. Access to current high quality scientific information
ii. Link to more relevant journals articles and patent documents than any other source.
iii. Capabilities for exploring substructures and reactions.

Future Plans
Subscribes more online drug discovery databases for ongoing clinical trials at different stages.
Organise lectures/Guest lectures/ seminars /symposium/and training at National &International level.
Open doors to access our facility for other Institutions, universities and other organisations.
Conceptualization and Development of project in this area.