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Information Technology Division

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The Information Technology Division of IIIM is IT rdfilities Management Services are being provided which involves an effective combination of people, process and tools to ensure that IT infrastructure is always up and able to deliver. Catering to the 24x7 service demands complete responsibility of ensuring availability and performance of IT Infrastructure as per requirement of the Institute. Maintenance, Management and upkeeping of IT infrastructure is also carried out in house.

Missions and goals

To provide better computational rdfilities to all users.
To update the computing skills of users by training.
To procure, maintain and update hardware and software
To maintain the Local Area Network (LAN) with Internet and Intranet to near 100% uptime.
Analysis, Design and Development of need based application software.
Network/Communication Administration.
Multimedia services including presentation arrangements for all meetings, seminars, etc.
Digital Photo editing and printing, Printing, Scanning, DVD-Writing, etc.


IT division is having competence Computer Networking, System administration, Database administration and management and maintenance of ITCT infrastructure.


Sh. Abdul Rahim, Principal Scientist & Head IT

Sh. Shaghaf M. Ansari, Scientist

Sh. Kamlesh Singh,Technical Assistant

Sh. Uma Shankar, Technical Assistant

Sh. Rajinder Kumar Sharma, Sr. Technician Group II (3)

Sh. Rajesh Sahdev, Sr. Technician Group II (3)

Area of research

Information and communication Technology


Internet & Email rdfility
Audio & Video Conferencing
Large format printing
Network Colour Printing
Documentation rdfility
Multi location Multimedia presentation rdfility