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Bioinformatics Center

Apart from its recent venture into the research and development activities, the centre is catering to the scientific needs of the scientists and students engaged in Biotechnology, Biochemistry and other research areas since its inception. Centre is providing online access to literature & databases available on Internet to Scientists, research scholars and M.Sc Biotechnology students of Jammu University. Centre is actively involved in training of manpower involved in biological R&D, particularly Molecular Modeling and Computational biology activities from time to time. The Centre has also designed and was so far responsible for the maintenance of the complete website of the Institute.

Recently center has been enlarged in order to accommodate larger number of users and for setting up of a separate molecular modeling facility. The centre now has a well established molecular modeling facility with the projects running mainly on Molecular docking, Homology Modeling and QSAR studies. The centre has got an unstinted support from the Department of biotechnology and now the centre has the capability for conceiving and carrying out the R&D projects in the areas of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology applications. The centre is actively involved in assisting to the computational aspects of the research in other divisions of the Institute. The centre is actively involved in organizing trainings and workshops and delivering guest lectures for developing Human Resource within and around the state in the area of Bioinformatics.


Mr. Amit Nargotra

Miss Monika Gupta