Dr. Suphla Gupta

Plant Biotechnology Division
CSIR - Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine,Canal Road, Jammu – 180001

Positions Held  
Position Held Date Organization
Senior Scientist  2013 - Present CSIR-IIIM
Scientist 2009- 2013 CSIR-IIIM


My research area specifically includes Plant Genotying, Tissue culture, Proteomics and Functional genomics.
Currently we are focusing on deciphering the molecular and regulatory aspects of triterpenoid biosynthesis in Glycyrrhiza glabra. We have developed in vitro systems as platform to study regulatory effects of key genes committed to glycyrrhizin biosynthesis in the targeted plant.
We are also engaged in developing barcodes of plant species from the cold desert areas of north western Himalayas and genetic profiling of medicinal and aromatic plants of different eco-geographic regions (Ladhak, Srinagar and Jammu). 

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