Dr. Khursheed Ahmad Bhat

Bio-Organic Chemistry Division
CSIR - Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Sanat Nagar Srinagar -190005
Email: kabhat[at]iiim[dot]ac[dot]in

Positions Held  
Position Held Date Organization
Senior Scientist  2013 - Present CSIR-IIIM
Scientist 2009 - 2013 CSIR-IIIM
Jr. Scientist 2006 - 2009 CSIR-IIIM
Honours & Awards  
  • Received Mother Teresa Gold Medal Award for the year 2015 from Global Economic Progress & Research Association.

  • Received gran-in-aid project from DST in 2013.

  • Received gran-in-aid project from CCRUM in 2009.

  • Received Best paper award of the year 2003-2004from CSIR-IIIMfor the publication  “Enzyme directed diastereoselectivity in chemical reductions: studies towards the preparation of all four isomers of 1-phenyl-1,3-butanediol” K. Ahmad, S. Koul, S. C. Taneja, A. P. Singh, M. Kapoor, Riyaz-ul-Hassan, V. Verma and G. N. Qazi Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 15, 2004, 1685–1692.

  • Received the Best poster presentation award in an international conference “Microbial diversity 2005” held at Delhi Universityfor the Ms entitled “Dual role of microorganisms as catalysts as well as templates “K. Ahmad, S. C. Taneja, A. P.Singh, M. A. Qurishi, S. Koul and G. N. Qazi.

  • Qualified the CSIR-UGC NET Examinationin Chemical sciences held in 2001.

Research Area:

Natural Product Chemistry:

  1. The Bioorganic Chemistry lab is actively engaged in the bio- prospection of natural products from high altitude medicinal plants/ microflora of Kashmir Himalayas. Exploration of new scaffolds/ novel molecules/ bioactive constituents from endemic plant species of Kashmir is the thrust area of research. Phytochemistry, estimation of marker compounds and development of fingerprints of certain medicinal plantshave been carried out.Typically the chemobiological studies, development of standardised and validated analytical methods of Epimedium elatum and Artemisia amygdalinawere completed in the recent past.

  2. Hemisynthesis of antitumor arglabin from natural product ludartin, Hemisynthesis of aromatase inhibitors: testololactone and testolactone from phytosterols, Design and synthesis of antitumor heck-coupled sclareol analogues, SAR studies of Ludartin etc have been our focus in natural product based medicinal chemistry programme.

  • Lone,S. H.; Bhat, K.A. Hemisynthesis of a naturally occurring clinically significant antitumor arglabin from ludartin Tet. Lett.  (2015),56, 1908–1910.

  • Naseer, S.; Lone, S. H.; Lone, J. A.; Khuroo, M.A.; Bhat, K.A. LC–MS guided isolation, quantification and antioxidant evaluation of bioactive principles fromEpimedium  elatum.J. Chromatogr. B (2015),989, 62–70.

  • Shakeel-u-Rehman; Latief, R.; Bhat, K.A; Khuroo,M.A.; Shawl, A. S.; Chandra, S. Comparative analysis of the aroma chemicals of Melissa officinalis using hydrodistillation and HS-SPME techniques.Arab. J. Chem. (In press).

  • Shakeel-u-Rehman; Nayak, N.; Rah, B.; Lone, S.H.; Chikan, N. A.;  Mondhe, D. M.;  Reyaz Ur Rasool; Chakraborty, S.; Farooq, S.; Behl, A.;Goswami, A.; Bhat, K.A. Design and Synthesis of Antitumor Heck-Coupled Sclareol Analogues: Modulation of BH3 Family Members by SS-12 in Autophagy and Apoptotic Cell Death.J. Med. Chem. (2015), 58, 3432-3444.

  • Lone, S. H.; Bhat, K.A.; Bhat, H. M.;Majeed, M.;  Anand, R.; Hamid, A.; Khuroo, M. A.Essential oil composition of Senecio graciliflorusDC: Comparative analysis of differentparts andevaluation of antioxidant andcytotoxic activities.Phytomedicine (2014), 21, 919–925.

  • Lone, S. H.; Bhat, K.A. Phytosterols as precursors for the synthesis of aromatase inhibitors: Hemisynthesis of testololactone and testolactone.Steroids (2015), 96  164–16.

  • Lone, S. H.; Bhat, K.A;  Majeed, R.; Hamid, A.;  Khuroo, M. A. Click chemistry inspired facile synthesis and bioevaluation of novel triazolyl analogs of Ludartin.Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. (2014),24, 1047–1051.

  • Sofi, S. N.; Shakeel-u-Rehman; Qazi, P. H.; Lone, S. H.; Bhat, H. M; Bhat, K.A. Isolation, identification and simultaneous quantification of five major flavonoids in Epimedium elatum by high performance liquid chromatography.J.  Liq.  Chrom. Rel. Tech.  (2014), 37, 1104–1113.

  • Lone, S. H.; Bhat, K.A.; Naseer, N.; Rather,R.A.; Khuroo, M. A.;  Sheikh  T. A. Isolation, cytotoxicity  evaluation and  HPLC-quantification of  the chemical  constituents from  Artemisia  amygdalina  Decne.J. Chromatogr. B (2013), 940, 135–141.

  • Bhat, H. M.; Bhat,KhursheedAhmad; Prabha S.; Hamid, A. Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities of Achillea millefolium from Kashmir.JAIR(2014), 2(8), 487-491.

  • Lone, S. H.; Bhat, K.A.; Shakeel-u-Rehman; Majeed, R.; Hamid, A. Synthesis and biological evaluation of amino analogs of Ludartin: potent and selective cytotoxic agents.Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. (2013), 23, 4931-34.

  • Ahmad, B.; Naseer, S.; Wagay, M. A.; Hussain, H.; Ahmad, N.; Bhat, K.A.; Khuroo, M. A.; Sharma, M.; Singh, B.Ultrasound promoted expeditious, catalyst-free and solvent-free approach for the synthesis of N,N′-diarylsubstituted formamidines at room temperature.Tet. Lett. (2013), 54(36), 4880–4884.

  • Rather, M. A.;  Dar, B. A.; Dar, M. Y.; Wani, B.A.; Shah, W. A.; Bhat, B.A.; Ganai, B. A.;Bhat, K.A.; Anand, R.; Quirishi, M. A. Chemical composition, antioxidant and antibacterial activities of the leaf essential oil of Juglans regia L. and its constituents.Phytomedicine(2012), 19 (13), 1185-1190

  • Shakeel-u-Rehman; Sofi, S. N.;  Khuroo, M. A.; Taneja, S. C.;  Bhat, K.A.;  Vishwakarma, R.A. New natural compounds from Rhododendron lepidotum.Nat. Prod. Res. (2013), 27(21), 2033–2038   .

  • Bhat, K.A.; Shakeel-u-Rehman; Chishti, A. M.; Shawl, A.S.; Taneja, S. C. Chemical constituents of Rhododendron lepidotum.Chem. Nat. Comp. (2010), 46, 2, 195-197.

  • Shakeel-u-Rehman.; Khan, R.; Bhat, K.A.; Fida, A. R.; Shawl, A. S.; Alam, M. S.Isolation, characterisation and antibacterial activity studies of coumarins from Rhododendron lepidotum Wall. ex G. Don, Ericaceae Braz. J. Pharm.  (2010), 20(6), 886-890.

  • Rehman, S.; Shawl, A. S.; Kour, A.; Sultan, P.; Bhat, K.A.; Khajuria, R.; Qazi, G.N.  Comparative studies and identification of camptothecin produced by an endophyte at shake flask and bioreactor Nat. Prod. Res.(2009),23, 1050–1057.

  • Bhat, K.A.;Shakeel-u-Rehman;Chisti,A. M.;Shawl,A. S.;Taneja,S. C. Chemical  constituents  of  Rhododendron  lepidotum Chem. Nat. Comp.(2010) 46(2),195-197.

  • Bhat, K.A.; Taneja, S. C.; Ali, B.; Bani, S.  Semisynthetic analogues of Pinitol as potential inhibitors of TNF-α-Cytokine   expression in human   neutrophils.Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. (2009), 19, 1939–1943.

  • Anand, N.; Kapoor, M.; Bhat, K.A.;  Koul, S.; Parshad, R.;  Manhas, K.S.; Sharma, R. L.;   Qazi, G. N.; Taneja, S. C.  Arthrobacter Sp : A lipase of choice for the kinetic resolution of racemic arylazetidinone precursors of taxanoid side chains.Tetrahedron: Asymmetry (2007), 18, 1059-1069.

  • Bhat, K.A.; Taneja, S. C.; Singh, A. P.; Anand, N.; Qurishi, M. A.; Koul, S.;  Qazi, G. N.  A chemo-enzymatic   route   to   diastereoisomers   of   2-methyl-1-phenyl-1, 3- butanediol: the dual role of microorganisms.Tetrahedron (2007)63, 445–450.

  • Kapoor, M.; Anand, N.; Bhat, K.A.; Koul, S.;  Chimni, S. S.;  Taneja,  S. C.; Qazi, G.N.Synthesis  of  β-adrenergic blockers  (R)-(-)-nifenalol  and  (S)-(+)-sotalol  via  a  highly  efficient  resolution  of  a bromohydrin precursor.. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry (2005), 16, 717–725.

  • Bhat, K.A.; Koul, S.; Taneja, S.C.; Singh, A.P.;  Kapoor, M.; Riyaz-ul-Hassan.;  Verma, V.; Qazi, G. N. Enzyme directeddiastereoselectivityin chemical reductions: studies towards the   preparation   of   all four isomers of 1-phenyl-1, 3-butanediol Tetrahedron: Asymmetry (2004), 15, 1685–1692.

Current Research Group:

  1. Dr Shabir Hussain Lone

  2. Mr Syed Naseer

  3. Ms Rumaisa Latief

Ph D awarded Scholars:

Name Thesis Title

Dr Shakeel-U-Rehman

‘Bioprospecting Natural products for the Development of Lead molecules’

Dr Shabir Hussain Lone

‘Resourcing of Natural products from Artemisia- amygdalina and Senecio graciliflorus DC’

Dr Haroon Mohi-ud-din Bhat

‘Chemoprofiling of Delphinium denudatum  and Achillea millefolium and their Unani formulations’


  1. 400 MHz NMR


  3. FT-IR/ HPLC/ spectrophotometer

  4. Flash Chromatography apparatus