Dr. Govind Yadav

Central Laboratory Animal Facility (Animal house)
CSIR - Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine,Canal Road, Jammu – 180001
Email: gyadav@iiim.ac.in, gyadav@iiim.res.in

Positions Held  
Position Held Date Organization
Scientist 2010 - Present CSIR-IIIM

Quality control officer for veterinary vaccine(Veterinary officer -QC)

2009 - 2010 Regional Veterinary biological Unit (B.P Lab), Jamdoli, Agra road, Jaipur, DAH,  Govt of Rajasthan
  • Member of Indian science congress.

  • Member of Indian Association of Veterinary Microbiologists, Immunologists and Specialists in Infectious Diseases.

  • Member of Indian Association for Advancement of Veterinary Research.

  • Laboratory Animal science Association of India (LASAI).

Research Area

  • Development of animal models  and Invivio preclinical  study 

  • Cancer risk assessment of new lead compound/drug from drug discovery programme by evaluated their Mutagenic potential in Bacterial reverse gene mutation and Mammalian cell mutation system.


  • Anti-infective drug discovery  & Infectious disease  Research.

Effects of cysteine protease inhibitors on in vitro growth of  Babesia bovis
we examined the effects of four kinds of cysteine protease inhibitors (E64, E64d, leupeptin, and ALLN) on the in vitro asexual growth of Babesia bovis. Of these, only the lipophilic inhibitors, E64d and ALLN, were found to effectively inhibit the growth of B. bovis. Further, E64d, but not ALLN, significantly suppressed the parasite's invasion of host erythrocytes, while both chemicals, especially ALLN, inhibited the parasite's replication within the infected erythrocytes. These data suggested the presence of cysteine protease(s) derived from B. bovis, in which the protease(s) would play important roles in the erythrocyte invasion and/or replication processes of the parasite.


  • Nagar, R. k.;Chowdhary, A.k.; Munagala,G.; Qayoom,A.; Singh, P. P.; Singh,S.k.; Singh,J.; Khan, I.A.;Yadav, G. Mutagenicity (Base pair substitution specific) observed in hisG gene mutant Salmonella typhimurium strains and DNA damage studied after treatment with a potent anti-Tuberculosis compound ; ( R)-3,5-dinitro-N-(1-(p-tolyl)ethyl)benzamide: A Mutagenic Assessment by salmonella- E.coli Bacterial Reverse mutation assay. Mutagensis (in the process of submission Aug  2015).

  • Mahmoud, A.L.; Nakamura, K.;Yadav,G.; Naoaki ,Y.; Ikuo ,I.  Evaluation of the in vitro growth-inhibitory effect of epoxomicin on Babesia parasites. Veterinary Parasitology,(2011), Volume 167, Issue 1: 19-27.

  • Kumar, N.; Pal, B.C.; Yadav,S.K.; Verma,A.K.; Jain,U. ; Yadav,G. Prevalence of Bovine Brucellosis in Uttar Pradesh, India. J. Vet. Public Health, (2009),7: 129-131.

  • Alhasan, A.;Govind, Y.;Yokoyama,N.; Igarashi,I. Evaluation of LAMP invtro culture and PCR methods for the detection equine Babesiosis).Parasitology Research ,(2007) Volume 100, Number 5:1165-1168.

  • Okubo, K.; Yokoyama ,N.; Govind, Y.; Alhassan,A.; Igarashi ,I. Effect of  Cysteine protease inhibitors  on Invitro Growth of babesia bovis.Experimental Parasitology,(2007),Volume 117, Issue 2: 214-217

  • Yadav, G.; Kashyap, S.K. Efficacy of different antibiotics against bacterial isolates from cervico-vaginal mucus of repeat breeding Holstein-Friesian cross bred cows. Indian Journal of Comparative Microbiology Immunology and Infectious Diseases., (2003),24(1):107-108

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