Dr. Debaraj Mukherjee

Natural Product Chemistry Division
CSIR - Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine,Canal Road, Jammu – 180001
Email: dmukherjee[at]iiim[dot]ac[dot]in

Positions Held  
Position Held Date Organization
Senior Scientist  2012 - Present CSIR-IIIM
Scientist 2009 - 2012 CSIR-IIIM
Jr. Scientist 2006 - 2009 CSIR-IIIM
Honours & Awards  
  • Received the DST Boyscast fellowship for exchange programe for USA with Professor. David Crich, Wayne State University, USA (Nov2011-Nov2012).

  • Had been selected for the prestigious D.S.T award for ‘Participation in the meeting of Nobel Laureates’ in Lindau, Germany in 2002. A team of 20 young researchers from all over India had been chosen to represent India in this meeting. Interacted with 19 laureates such as Ahmed Zewall (N.L.’99), George A. Olah (N.L.’94), Hartmut Michel (N.L.’88), Jean-Marie Lehn (N.L.’87), Harold Kroto (N.L.’96), Jerome Karle (N.L.’85), Robert Huber (N.L.’88), Richard Ernst (N.L.’91), Jaham Deisenhofer (N.L.’88) during week-long meeting.

  • Visited various premier German Institute (sponsored by DFG) such as Ludwig-Maximilian University, Institute for Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry in T.U. Munchen, Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry, Martinsried, Bruker Biospin, University of Karlsruhe, University of Mainz, Max-Planck-Institute for polymer research, Kekule Institute for Organic Chemistry in 2002 and presented his work.

  • Qualified National Eligibility Test (NET) for Junior Research Fellowship (CSIR), 2001 conducted jointly by the University Grants Commission and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of India.

  • Qualified in National Eligibility Test (NET) for Lectureship 2000.

  • Obtained 93 percentile in GATE (Chemical Science)1999.

  • Obtained National Award at 10th Class (Rank-108) 1992.

  • Obtained ACCT Young Scientist Award in International Carbohydrate Conference (November 2006) at Delhi university 2006.

  • Obtained Best paper award at IIIM Jammu 2009 for the manuscript entitled “Domino transformation of D-glucal to a-hydroxymethyl furfuryl derivatives” by Debaraj Mukherjee*, Khalid Yousuf, S.C.Taneja.

  • Obtained Best paper award at IIIM   Jammu 2009 for the manuscript entitled “Reaction of carbohydrates with Vilsmeier reagent:a tandem selective chloro O-formylation of sugars” by Niranjan Thota, Debaraj Mukherjee*, Mallepally Venkat Reddy, Syed Khalid Yousuf, Surrinder Koul and Subhash Chandra Taneja.

  • Member, American Chemical Society 2009

  • Life Member, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata

  • Reviewer of ACS, Science Direct Journal

  • Reviewer of RSC Journals

  • Reviewer of Wiley Journals

  • Reviewer of SERB (DST) projects

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Research Interest


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  • Rasool, F. ; Mukherjee, D. Nucleoside Synthesisv from-Pd-Catalyzed Regio- and Stereoselective C Unactivated Uracils and Pyranoid Glycals. Organic Letters. (2017),19, 4936–4939.

  • Rasool, F.; Goswami, A. D ; Mukherjee, D. Regiospecific Synthesis of Ring A Fused Withaferin A Isoxazoline Analogues: Induction of Premature Senescence by W-2b in Proliferating Cancer Cells.  Nature Scientific Reports. (2017) ,7, 13749.

  • Hussain, N.; Tatina, M. B.; Rasool, F.; Mukherjee, D. Diastereoselective sp2-sp3 coupling of sugar enol ethers with unactivated cycloalkenes: new entries to C-branched sugars. Org. Biomol. Chem (2016), 14, 9989-9992.

  • Tatina, M. B. ; Kusunuru, A. K. ; Mukherjee, D.  Organo-zinc Promoted Diastereoselective C-Arylation of 1,2-Anhydrosugars from Arylboronic Acids” .Organic Letters. (2015), 17, 4624–4627.

  • Kusunuru, A. K.; Jaladanki, C. K. ; Tatina, M. B. ; Bharatam, P.V.; Mukherjee, D. TEMPO-Promoted Domino Heck−Suzuki Arylation: Diastere oselective Cis-Diarylation of Glycals and Pseudoglycals Organic Letters. ( 2015),17, 3742–3745.

  • Kusunuru, A. K. ; Madhubabu, T. ; Yousuf, S. K. ; Mukherjee, D. Desulfitative C-arylation of glycals using benzene sulfonyl chlorides . European Journal of Organic Chemistry .(2015), 459–462.

  • Adero, P. O. ; Furukawa, T. ;  Huang, M. ; Mukherjee, D.; Retailleau, P. ; Bohe, L.; Crich, D. Cation Clock Reactions for the Determination of Relative Reaction Kinetics in Glycosylation Reactions: Applications to Gluco- and Mannopyranosyl Sulfoxide and Trichloroacetimidate Type Donors .Joural of American Chemical Society .(2015), 137, 10336-10345.

  • Madhubabu, T.; Yousuf, S. K.; Kusunuru, A. K.; Mukherjee, D. Transformation of glycals to a,b,g,d- conjugated chirons under metal free condition. European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2014), 7333–7338.

  • MadhuBabu, T.; Kusunuru, A. K.; Yousuf, S. K.; Mukherjee, D. Zinc mediated activation of terminal alkynes: stereoselective synthesis of alkynyl glycosides.Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (2014), 12, 7900-7903.
  • Madhubabu, T.; Kusunuru, A.K.; Yousuf, S.K.; Mukherjee, D. Tandem regio- and diastereo-selective synthesis of halogenated C-vinyl glycosides from unactivatedarylacetylenes. Chemical Communications (2013), 49, 11409-11411.

  • Kumar, A.; Yousuf, S.k.; Mukherjee, D.Copper mediated highly stereoselective synthesis of C-glycosides from unactivated alkynes. Chemical Communications (2013), 49, 10154-10156.

  • Lambu, M.R.; Kumar,S.; Yousuf, S.K.; Sharma, D.K.; Hussain, A.; Kumar, A.; Malik, F.; Mukherjee, D. Medicinal chemistry of dihydropyran based medium ring macrolides related to aspergillides: selective inhibition of PI3K-alpha. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2013),56, 6122–6135.

  • Hussain, A.; Yousuf, S. K.; Kumar, D.; Lambu, M. R.; Singh, B.; Maity, S.; Mukherjee, Debaraj. Synthesis of benzannulated chiral macrocycles embedded in a carbohydrate template by intramolecular base free Sonogashira reaction on alumina support. Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis (2012), 354, 933–1940.

  • Madhubau, T.; Yousuf, S. K.; Mukherjee, D. TCT mediated one-pot multicomponent transformation for the generation of orthogonally protected monosaccharide building blocks. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (2012), 10, 5357-5360.

  • Sharma, D. K.; Rah, B. A.; Lambu, M.; Hussain, A.; Yousuf, S. K.; Jamwal, G.; Ahmad, Z.; Chanauria, N.; Nargotra, A.; Tripathi, A. K.; Singh, B.; Goswami, A.; Mukherjee, D. Design and synthesis of novel N,N’-glycoside derivatives of 3,3’-diindolylmethanes as potential antiproliferative agents. Medicinal Chemistry Communications (2012), 3, 1082-1091.

  • Lambu, M. R. .; Yousuf, S. K. ; Mukherjee, D.; Taneja, S. C.  Regioselective azidotrimethylsilylation of carbohydrates and applications thereof.  Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry .(2012), 10, 9090-9098.

  • Yousuf, S.K.; Taneja, S.C.; Mukherjee, D. Highly regio-and stereoselective one pot synthesis of carbohydrate based butyrolactones. Organic Letters (2011), 13, 576-579.

  • Yousuf, S. K.; Majeed, R.; Ahmad, M.; Sangwan, P. L.; Purnima, B.; Saxsena, A. K.; Suri, K. A.; Mukherjee, D.;Taneja, S. C.. Structural modifications of withaferin-A and evaluation of in-vitro cytotoxicity; a comprehensive SAR. Steroids (2011), 10–11, 1213-1222.

  • Yousuf, S.K.; Mukherjee, D.; Singh, B.; Taneja, S.C. Cu-Mn Bimetallic catalyst for Huisgen [3+2]-cycloaddition. Green Chemistry (2010),12,1568-1572.

  • Yousuf, S.K.; Taneja, S.C.; Mukherjee, D. Multi-component cascade transformation of D-glucal to furan appended triazoleglycoconjugates. Journal of Organic Chemistry (2010), 75, 3097-3100.

  • Thota, N. ; Mukherjee, D.; Reddy, M. V. ; Yousuf, S. K. ; Koul, S. ; Taneja, S. C.  Reaction of carbohydrates with Vilsmeier reagent: a tandem selective chloro-O-formylation of sugars. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry .(2009),7, 1280-1283.

  • Mukherjee, D.; Yousuf, S.K.; Taneja, S.C. Domino Transformation of D-Glucal to Racemic-a-Substituted-a-HydroxymethylFurfuryl Derivatives. Organic Letters (2008), 10, 4831-4834.

  • Mukherjee, D.; Shah, B.A.; Gupta, P.; Taneja, S.C. Tandem acetalation-acetylation of sugars and related derivatives with enolacetates under solvent-Free conditions. Journal of Organic Chemistry (2007), 72, 8965-8968.

  • Mukherjee, D.; Sarkar, S. K.; Chattopadhyay, P.; Chowdhury, U. S . Synthesis of two Lewis-X trisaccharides using regiospecific glycosylation reactions. Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry (2005), 24, 251-259.

  • Mukherjee, D.; Roy, P.K.; Chowdhury, U. S . Synthesis of glycosides via indium(III) chloride mediated activation of glycosyl halide in neutral condition. Tetrahedron (2001), 57, 7701-7704.


  • New methods of Beta-c-aryl-mannosylation and its application in the synthesis of gliflozins and bioactive natural products. 2017 as Principle Inventor.

  • Indolylkojyl derivatives as inhibitor of invasion and metastasis in human mammary gland carcinomas. 2016 (application number 201711022402) as Principle Inventor.

Current Students

CSIR Fellow
Mr. Ashutosh Dash (Research Scholar)
Mr. Faheem Rasool (JRF)
Mr. Nazar Hussain (JRF)
Miss Monika Bhardwaj (PA)

Alumni     Thesis Title

Dr. Syed Khalid Yousuf

  • Inspire fellow in IIIM Sringar
Studies towards the synthesis of biologically active compounds from Carbohydrate and natural precursors.

Dr. Altaf Hussain

  • Govt. Lecturer at GDC Poonch, Jammu& Kashmir (2014-2017).
  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Higher Education Department, Govt. of Jammu& Kashmir, India (2017-present).
Synthesis of benzannulated medium-sized & macrocyclic rings using carbohydrates as chiral template and development of new methods for addition reactions in glycols.

Dr. Deepak K Sharma

  • Postdoc. Res. Associate, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA (2014-2015).
  • Post doc. Res. Associate, Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, Massachusetts USA (At present).
Target based synthesis of medicinally important compounds inspired from microbial natural product scaffold.

Dr. Malikharjuna Rao Lambu

  • Postdoc. Res. Associate, IIT, Chennai, India.
  • Research associate, Clearsynth Research Center, Hyderabad.
  • SERB-NPDF, IICT-Hyderabad.
Synthesis of medicinally important compounds from carbohydrates by development of novel methodologies

Dr. MadhuBabu Tatina

  • Postdoc. Res. Associate, IIT, Mumbai, India.
  • Postdoc. Research Fellow, NTU, Singapore (At present).
Development of novel methods for C-glycosylation and synthesis of sugar derived versatile building blocks.

Dr. Anil Kumar Kunusuru

  • Research associate in Nicolas Piramal, Gujrat, India.
Development of new methods for C-glycosylation of glycals.
NMR (400MHz, 500MHz)