Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat

Medicinal Chemistry Division
CSIR - Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine,Canal Road, Jammu – 180001
Email: bilal[at]iiim[dot]ac[dot]in

Positions Held  
Position Held Date Organization
Scientist 2010 - Present CSIR-IIIM


The science of organic synthesis deals with the creation of diverse molecular architectures through controlled, efficient and logically orchestrated carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond connectivities. This field of chemical science continues to be the most exciting, challenging and fascinating having rich history and vibrant future. Thus organic synthesis is a unique branch of science that blends art and aesthetics with creation and utility and our synthetic interests include:

  • Molecules of nature and human imagination

  • Total synthesis of bioactive natural products

  • New synthetic strategies for natural/non-natural product scaffolds

  • Regio-, stereo- and enantio-selective synthesis

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