IIIM introduces Phalsa Health Drink

About Phalsa:-
Phalsa (Grewia asiatica) is one of the oldest fruits known to Indian. It has been mentioned in Vedic Literature as having medicinal qualities. Phalsa can be grown in neglected and water scarcity condition where other few crops would survive. As compared to other cultivated fruit crops in India , phalsa has not so far attained a place of importance largely due to its highly perishable nature, small size of fruits and repeated harvesting. This Plant some years back was abundantly growing in J&K region but started becoming extinct since very recently. Keeping in view its medicinal Properties IIIM introduced its cultivation in Jammu region in a big way.
Ripe phalsa fruits are sub acidic in taste and are good source of vitamin A,C and fair source  phosphorus and iron, it is mostly used as fresh fruit and has cooling effect.
IIIM started the cultivation trials at IIIM farm and gradually extended the cultovation of this plant in Jammu region to the extent of ten hectares.The technology for the production of the health drink was standardized in lab scale experiments and later up-scaled to 10,000 food grade bottles of 200ml capacity. On successful completion of the the second stage the large scale production of one lakh tetrapack pouches were produced in in an automatic plant at Parwanoo, HPMC, HP. The product was launched in an impressive function at IIIM, Jammu by the Union Minister Dr Jatindra Singh the then Science and technology minister. The product was put on sale on the Mata Vaishno Devi Track for public use and also to get the feed back. The technology and the planting material is available in the lab for entrepreneurs to produce the health drink on large scale.
Health Benefits:-
Phalsa is good for heart and blood disorders, fevers and diarrhea. The fruit is also good for the troubles of throat. According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian treatise on medicine, the fruits are cooling, tonic and aphrodisiac, they allay thirst and burning sensation, remove biliousness, cure inflammation, heart and blood disorders and fevers.  The fruit is also good against trouble.  The bark is used as a demulcent.  It cures urinary troubles and relieves burning in the vagina.
Specifications of the Health Drink:-


S.No. Components Contents
1 Calories 55.9318 K.cal/100ml
2 Moisture 80.8%
3 Carbohydrate 13.445%
4 Protein 0.4322%
5 Fat 0.432%
6 Vitamins (per 100g)
  A 613 mg
  B1 15 mg
  B2 0.2 mg
  B6 63 mg
  B12 14 mg
  C 1230 mg


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